PewDiePie compares insecure couples to Imposters In Among Us, says no one should “touch” his phone

PewDiePie and Ken reacting to the CUT episode, Insecure (Image via YouTube)
PewDiePie and Ken reacting to the CUT episode, Insecure (Image via YouTube)
Modified 04 May 2021

YouTubers Felix “PewDiePie” Kjellberg and Kenneth Charles “Ken” Morrison had an entertaining Monday, reacting to a video by CUT that shows couples going through each other’s phones.

In the May 3rd video upload, PewDiePie and his guest, Ken, hilariously reacted to insecure strangers taking over their partner’s phones only to get a glimpse of their “secret” lives.

The Swedish creator began the video on a sarcastic note, asking Ken if he ever looked through his wife’s phone. Ken’s “brief pause” certainly added a humorous punch to the topic addressed by his host.

PewDiePie and Ken address if partners should check their phones

Felix clarified his stance on the topic at the start, stating that he doesn’t let anyone touch his phone.

PewDiePie also referred to the popular multi-player game, Among Us, and the Imposter mode that allows players to assign private roles as a “Crewmate” or “Imposter.”

He said:

“It’s like when you play Among Us, and you’re the Imposter.”

Ken pitched in to exclaim:

“Yeah! And then you start blaming everyone else, exactly.”

The CUT episode, titled “Insecure,” begins with a couple on camera. First, the man can be seen snooping through his partner’s phone. To his surprise, he only finds photos of her ex-partners and the moments spent with them.

“Nice, I already know I’m gonna love this,” PewDiePie said, with Ken indubitably agreeing with him.

Throughout the video, the pair discuss their stance on normie issues such as having “exes on your phone.”

The video shows the first pair on the episode introducing each other and the time they spent together in the relationship. After learning that the two were dating for a brief period, Ken replied:

“What a great title for the show. They look like the most insecure people I’ve ever seen.”

Felix quickly jumped in to say he felt the same but didn’t want to say it and was glad Ken shared his opinions.

One such odd choice of an old couple in the CUT episode shows them going through each other’s phones. While the old-timer comes out clean, the same cannot be said for his partner.

PewDiePie was recently officially crowned as the first independent creator to ever surpass 110 million subscribers on the video platform.

Earlier, the 31-year-old was awarded an exclusive Red Diamond Creator Award for reaching the 100 million milestone.

It remains to be seen if YouTube will acknowledge the star’s new achievement.

Published 04 May 2021
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