"I don't really care": PewDiePie responds to Dhar Mann as latter takes his criticism out of context 

Image via Instagram/pewdiepie and Youtube/DharMann
Image via Instagram/pewdiepie and Youtube/DharMann

PewDiePie previously posted a video reacting to one of Dhar Mann's sketches for his YouTube channel, and it was not well received by the creator. Mann uploaded a sketch video on June 9th in which he tells an actor that he gets his share of hate.

In it, Dhar Mann shows the actor a few YouTubers criticizing his content, including PewDiePie, calling him out by name.

In PewDiePie's recent video, titled "Thank You," he reacted to a handful of fan-submitted memes and videos. That included Dhar Mann's video using PewDiePie's name.

PewDiePie laughed immediately at Dhar Mann, saying, "And he pretty much made a video blasting me."

"Way to cut out all the context."

PewDiePie stated that the reaction video to Dhar Mann's content was "just for fun."

"Listen, it was a bad video. I stand by that. Even if you try to do a positive message, which is great go ahead I ain't gonna stop you, it was delivered so poorly. There's no way you could understand it and, if anything, it just misconstrued it. I don't think just because you're trying to do something good, you're above criticism. But, it seems Dhar Mann took it with stride until I saw this so I don't know. I don't really care."

PewDiePie added that he had no "actual ill blood" and thought that Dhar Mann was not trying to be malicious either.

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PewDiePie criticizes Dhar Mann

In an April 14th video on his YouTube channel titled "Being Shy is a Superpower," PewDiePie and fellow YouTuber CinnamonToastKen reacted to a video on Dhar Mann's channel under the same name.

The video features fellow YouTuber FaZe Rug in a collaboration. The basis of the video is making comments for entertainment while criticizing the main moral of the story overall.

In Dhar Mann's response video, he approaches an actor who quits on set and attempts to reason with him, stating that he received hate too. "But you put out such positive content, who could hate on that?" the actor asked.

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Dhar Mann then pulled his phone out and showed clips of different YouTubers reacting to his content. Mann's content is based around fictional stories about people facing hardship and negative people being taught a valuable lesson or changing their mind about an important topic.

While his videos receive millions of views derived from his multi-sharing on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube, many criticize his videos for their 'cringy' acting and storylines.

Dhar Mann has not yet responded to PewDiePie's comment.

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