"Primary school project": Loewe FW2022 show sparks hilarious comments on Instagram

Loewe's Fall Winter 2022-23 collection (Image via @jonathan.anderson/ Instagram)
Loewe's Fall Winter 2022-23 collection (Image via @jonathan.anderson/ Instagram)

Loewe presented its Fall Winter 2022 collection at Paris Fashion week on March 4, 2022. The collection includes womenswear and has a body-as-a-sculpture in a natural v/s unnatural theme. The collection carries a crude primitiveness with a touch of k*nk.

However, the collection wasn't made of traditional outfits, leading fans to think it was a bit too immature.


The collection included materials like felt, leather, shearling, tweed, latex, silk, 3D printed fiber, Knit, and resin in the making of draped dresses, balloon bras, and heels in a trompe-l'œil embrace.

Fashion that entices a reaction, draped dresses with balloon bras, a trompe-l’oeil embrace and more balloons, down to the heels.#LOEWEFW22

Fans react to Loewe's Fall Winter womenswear collection

Fans reaction to the Loewe's Fall Winter womenswear collection (Image via Sportskeeda)
Fans reaction to the Loewe's Fall Winter womenswear collection (Image via Sportskeeda)

The collection from the label is steered away from reality and towards a more abstract, non-traditional approach in times of outrageous happenings in the world. The lack of a sense of maturity bothered fans about the collection, and they clearly vocalized their sentiments.

Their comments included remarks about the collection being immature and seeming like it has been created by fashion students instead of a well-established brand like Loewe. Many fans pointed out that the art-adjacent brand used designs that were seen before and looked like a "graduate collection of some art college student."

However, the brand went towards a non-traditional approach. Jonathan Anderson, creative director at Loewe, made a remark about the collection behind the stage saying,

“[We tried] pushing things toward something that could be irrational.”

A few fans looked forward to the irrationality and tweeted their impressions from the collection.

LOEWE The epitome of fashion.
some of my faves from loewe fw22
I need these Loewe ‘22 dresses
I liiiiveeeee for this Loewe collection
I love when fashion is more than just pretty clothing(Loewe FW’22)
These lip dresses from Loewe FW’22 are so genius and fun

Few fans were excited about the collection, and they embraced the illogical side of the clothes.

More about Loewe's Fall Winter 2022 collection

Anderson's collection at the fashion show included tube dresses, mini trapeze dresses with a car-shaped hem, high heel pumps stuffed in the dresses, latex in rough-cut latex dresses, lip-shaped brassiere in the dresses, and a lot of balloons. Balloon bras, balloon shoes, and balloons in the drapes of dresses.

Anderson made remarks about the balloons in the collection,

“A balloon creates tension. It will pop. It won’t last forever.”
And concepts? YES!!! The balloon visual is pure genius, Jonathan Anderson at Loewe says; “A ballon has tension, it won’t last forever, it will pop” 🎈

The show opened with the models walking in a series of short, cap-sleeved leather dresses, which gave the illusion of the wind swishing the hems. The collection also included a leather balloon-shaped bomber jacket and an elegant tube dress that added surrealism to the collection.

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