“Quacking in my boots today”: Marjorie Taylor Greene’s mistaken tweet sparks memefest online

Rep. Greene mispells a tweet, internet goes wild (image via John Bazemore)
Rep. Greene mispells a tweet, internet goes wild (image via John Bazemore)

The internet has 'quacked up' over Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene's Twitter gaffe after she misspelled a word, resulting in a hilarious memefest.

Rep. Greene has been an active Twitter user since joining in 2020. She became a trending topic after accidentally misspelling the word 'quaking' for 'quacking' while expressing her views in a tweet about the Mid-Term Elections ballot count. She said:

"I’m sure our enemies are quacking in their boots while we are still over here trying to count ballots."
I’m sure our enemies are quacking in their boots while we are still over here trying to count ballots.

She then returned to post a corrected version of the tweet but forgot to delete the original post.

Memefest inspired by Marjorie Taylor Greene's Tweet

Following Marjorie Taylor Greene's misspelled Tweet, the internet quickly launched into creating hilarious memes and subtweets. One user, @sellers4400, even shared an image of a wooden duck wearing blue polka dot rainboots with its bill open as if quacking.

Some even likened the Tweet to when Donald Trump mistakenly said 'Covfefe.'

Quacking in my boots today #MTG
If imposter syndrome starts bothering you, just remember that members of our government don’t know the difference between quacking and quaking.…
there’s whole election that hasn’t been called and the number one trending on twitter is “quacking”gen z can win elections and be hilarious at the same time 🦆🗣️
@RepMTG Quaking, Marge…it’s fricken “quaking.” Learn words, Marge. Quacking is what you do on a daily basis.
@RepMTG Quacking? How did people vote for you?
@RepMTG Quacking while having some covfefe.
@RepMTG I liked quacking better, and you still don’t make sense. What has the counting of ballots got to do with our enemies? Republican state legislators create the delay, and then Republicans use the delay they created to cry fraud.
@RonFilipkowski “Gazpacho police”“Peach tree dish”“Title wave”Rights “fragrantly” violated“Quacking” in their bootsI’m willing to bet Marjorie ThreeToes has never read ANYTHING in her life. Remind you of anyone?

Marjorie Taylor Greene has a history of misspelling words in her tweets, and netizens were quick to point it out, adding 'quacking' to the list.

Marjorie Taylor Greene wins GA district 14 with 70%

Marjorie Taylor Greene took to Twitter to call out her "enemies," alluding to American citizens who reflect a democratic political view, whereas she is a Republican.

Georgia's incumbent representative easily defeated her Democratic opponent Marcus Flowers in the race for Georgia's 14th congressional district. For the past few days, Greene has been complaining about the time it takes to count ballots in American elections, alluding to election interference and foul play.

Rep. Greene (image via Tom Williams)
Rep. Greene (image via Tom Williams)

Rep Greene has expressed confidence that the Republicans will take the House by a majority, a fact that was still up in the air on election day morning. She claimed that her motivation for running for Congress was to hold her party accountable to the American people, and not just to defeat the Democrats. In a statement, she said:

“I will lead the fight to make damn sure my party does not fail. We will make good on our promise to the American people. The future is at stake. Let’s get the job done.”

According to the Brennan Center for Justice, several states require election workers to remove absentee ballots from envelopes on election day, while states that process absentee ballots ahead of time can include them during vote counting on election night.

Greene raised almost $12 million for her election campaign, but only $400,000 was spent on ads to defend her seat in her solidly Republican, rural district in Northwestern Georgia. Marcus Flowers, on the other hand, got $15 million. They were both among the top 10 for fundraising among the House candidates, this mid-term.

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