5 rare and interesting facts about South Park you never knew

South Park TV Show (Images via Instagram: southpark, stillloadingpod & george_clooney_page)
South Park TV Show (Images via Instagram: southpark, stillloadingpod & george_clooney_page)

South Park is a popular animated American TV show. Comprising of 25 episodes, the storyline revolves around 4 friends and their adventures.

First screened in August 1997, the show started getting attention from the first season itself. In spite of it being an animated presentation, the show was targeted towards an 18+ audience group.

Here we are going to talk about 5 rare and interesting facts about this show that you perhaps never knew. If you are a fan of the show, the list mentioned below will leave you fascinated.

South Park: 5 rare and interesting facts

1) It took just a week for the development of each episode

A period of seven days is what it took for the production team of South Park to come up with a new episode. The team basically worked from a Thursday to the following Wednesday to write a script and execute its implementation on the screen.

The only exception occurred when the team missed a deadline due to a powercut during the production phase of Goth Kids 3: Dawn of the Posers.

2) A Warcraft server was used to shoot the episode Make Love, Not Warcraft

Perhaps producing episodes in unusual circumstances was something normal for the South Park team. One of the most popular episodes, Make Love, Not Warcraft was produced in the server of the game Warcraft.

Gamers who have played the game and also watched the episode have found a significant amount of similarity in the visuals.

3) George Clooney casted in the show

Could you have ever imagined that the iconic George Clooney was a part of South Park? This is was exactly what happened when Clooney decided to do a cameo voiceover for a gay dog in one of the episodes. The star himself had accepted that he was a fan of the show.

4) Every episode had a celebrity

This one might take you by surprise, but yes, each and every episode of the show had a celebrity in it. However, not all of them had a voiceover. Some of the celebs who extended their contribution by offering their voice were Brad Paisley, Robert Smith, Radiohead, and PewDiePie.

5) Almost every episode had aliens

Spotting out aliens in almost every episode of this show was not a big deal. Almost every episode had one hiding somewhere. During the opening episodes, finding them on screen was easier than the later ones.

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