'Squid Game' could be the biggest non-English show on the platform, says Netflix co-CEO Ted Sarandos 

The Front Man in Squid Game (Image via Instagram/theswoonnetflix)
The Front Man in Squid Game (Image via Instagram/theswoonnetflix)

The popularity of Squid Game has been on the rise ever since it was released on September 17. Hwang Dong Hyun directed a deadly survival game show that broke records when it peaked No. 1 in the U.S., making history.

At an online conference held recently, Ted Sandaros, co-CEO and Chief Content Head of Netflix, revealed that it's on track to be the biggest show that the giant streaming platform has ever seen.

Hwang Dong Hyuk's 'Squid Game' is on its way to being Netflix's biggest show

On September 27, Ted Sarandos unveiled information regarding the metrics and talent, giving off future teasers and more at the Code Conference at Beverly Hills.

At the conference, the co-CEO of Netflix mentioned Squid Game and its explosive popularity. He believes that Squid Game is on its way to becoming the biggest show on Netflix "for sure."

Here's what Sarandos said about Squid Game and its massive potential:

"There's a show on Netflix right now that is the No. 1 in the world, like everywhere in the world. It's called Squid Game. Squid Game will definitely be our biggest non-English language show in the world, for sure"

At the same conference, the co-CEO revealed a "comprehensive look" at some of the most popular shows of all time on the streaming platform. These were the top 10 lists divided into two categories - by the number of account views and the number of hours a show had been watched.

Sarandos just released some data here at #CodeCon about the number of viewers for its Emmy-winning shows. Accounts in the first slide are counted if they watched for at least 2 minutes. He says it’s part of a push to be more transparent about Netflix’s viewing data.

As per Netflix's metrics, views and popularity are gauged by counting how many people watch at least two minutes of a show within 28 days of its release.

Using this metric, there is a high chance of Squid Game overthrowing the British romantic drama Bridgerton, which ranks No. 1 with 82 million viewers.

It will also end up beating Lupin (Part 1) and The Witcher (Season 1), Sex/Life (Season 1) and Stranger Things (Season 3).

The power of foreign titles that can break out globally is a growth area for Netflix as they have been focused on regional titles for a while – According to Tedd Sarandos, Squid Games, a Korean show, could be their biggest title ever (bigger than Crown & House of Cards) #CodeCon

The sudden dominating success of Squid Game has even increased the stocks in Korean media companies such as its production company Siren Pictures, CJ ENM and JTBC Studios.

The dystopian survival show has financially troubled individuals play children’s games with each other, with one emerging as the winner and taking home 45.6 billion KRW. Unfortunately, these children’s games end up with the losers’ deaths. The show touches on class struggle, inequality, illegal border crossing, racism, capitalism and a lot more, tugging at the ground realities of millions of people.

There’s no way the hype for Squid Game is ending anytime soon, and fans eagerly await a second season.

Edited by Siddharth Satish
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