Squid Game's Jung Ho Yeon flaunts her BFF connection with BLACKPINK's Jennie on set

Left: Jung Ho Yeon, Right: BLACKPINK's Jennie (Images via @hoooooyeony/Instagram and @jennierubyjane/Instagram)
Left: Jung Ho Yeon, Right: BLACKPINK's Jennie (Images via @hoooooyeony/Instagram and @jennierubyjane/Instagram)

Netflix's Squid Game and BLACKPINK are currently the two hottest things globally. The explosive success of the former has given fans a new wealthy, successful and talented BFF duo: Player 067 actress Jung Ho Yeon and BLACKPINK's Jennie.

Jung Ho Yeon recently uploaded a photo with Jennie on the set of Squid Game on her Instagram account on September 26, KST. As expected, the post blew up, garnering nearly 55k comments amongst her usual 10-12k range.

Discovering Ho Yeon as Jennie's best friend has prompted many fans to notice the model, soaring their popularity.

Jung Ho Yeon shares a BTS image with BLACKPINK Jennie on Squid Game's set

The survival game show's success was unexpected for many, but so was finding a BLACKPINK connection.

On September 26, Jung Ho Yeon took to her Instagram to show off the incredible support she received from her best friend. It is none other than the SOLO singer.

In her Player 067 green and white tracksuit uniform, Ho Yeon is seen on the instantly recognizable Squid Game set. The actor's all smiles as she sits beside BLACKPINK's Jennie, both holding a peace sign.

Readers can check out the image below:

The duo's friendship might surprise some fans, but they go deeper than this.

Back in mid-2020, when production for Squid Game started, Jennie sent a coffee truck to Ho Yeon to support her. The message on the coffee truck read:

"Actors, production crew, staff, everyone, please take care of Sae Byeok-unnie well."

Even the lead star, Lee Jung Jae, revealed in an interview that Jennie sent the truck and visited the sets.

According to Lee Jung Jae, Jennie Kim visited the set of Squid Game and sent a coffee truck to support her friend, Ho Yeon Jung.

Back in 2019, Jennie uploaded a photo with Ho Yeon with the caption:

"One of the pleasant things about working around the world is seeing your friends on a day off."

As an acclaimed and top South Korean model, Ho Yeon was probably in the US for work.

Their friendship came into the limelight when hawk-eyed BLINKs saw Jennie's name in the ending credits of Squid Game. They connected the dots as they remembered that Netflix had also gifted her the creepy Red Light, Green Light doll.

Jennie sent her a food truck while filming and she thanked Jennie in the ending credits for squid games
Look!!! Jennie received a gift from her bestfriend Ho yeon and from netflix korea for supporting her friend and the famous series Squid game!! ❤️

The team reciprocated by adding her name to the credits because of the immense support she showed Ho Yeon and the Squid Game cast and crew.

Meanwhile, Squid Game getting a Season 2 seems difficult, but not impossible. On the other hand, BLACKPINK is reportedly gearing up to attend the upcoming Paris Fashion Week.

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