"Steroid piñata": Joe Rogan supporters slammed for 'body shaming' Ethan Klein after latter calls him out over vaccine misinformation

The feud between Rogan followers and Klein explained (Image via The Joe Rogan Experience and H3 Podcast)
The feud between Rogan followers and Klein explained (Image via The Joe Rogan Experience and H3 Podcast)
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Followers of podcast hosts Joe Rogan and Ethan Klein have been feuding on social media after the latter called out Rogan for spreading COVID misinformation. This comes after the UFC color commentator claimed he self-medicated with ivermectin once he tested positive. The FDA has firmly stood against using the drug to treat the virus.

H3 Podcast's Ethan Klein also fired at Rogan’s stance on health after the latter claimed to be on a “carnivore diet,” where he eats only animal products. Rogan has also boasted about his workout regime, often including lifting, daily workouts, and Brazilian Jui Jitsu.

Rogan fans are now blasting Klein with fatphobic comments. They criticize Klein’s physique instead of taking part in vaccines.

Ethan Klein’s Twitter rant explained

Klein passed his judgment on the carnivore diet in a slew of tweets. He also stated that Rogan should have “ride [sic] it out like you say a man should” when speaking about Rogan’s COVID diagnosis.

Joe Rogan, who lives on elk meat, egg yolk, and human growth hormone, with lungs full of tar, thinks he's healthier than everyone. This mfer is such a bitch that when he got covid he threw "the kitchen sink at it" - if youre so healthy just ride it out like you say a man should

In a podcast episode, Ethan Klein called Rogan a “f**king piece of s**it” after Rogan said that fat people should die of COVID.

Klein also commented on Rogan medicating himself on ivermectin. His tweet read:

instead of getting vaccinated he takes regeneron, an experimental drug that was developed along side mRNA vaccines. his logic makes no sense. and then credits ivermectin, which does fuckin nothing for covid.
meanwhile, while joe is on a big pharma conspiracy against vaccines - someone needs to ask him who makes ivermectin and regeneron, and all the other shit he took when he had covid

As the fatphobic comments against Klein came into being, he defended himself on Twitter by saying:

joe rogan, a steroid piñata, whose gut is so swollen from human growth hormone, lectures people on health
confused on the analogy here... obviously im not a health expert bc im fat, and joe is not a conspiracy theorist... because he has muscles?seems the talking points of the day boil down to fat man bad strong man good

Internet reacts to Joe Rogan and Ethan Klein's feud

Unsurprisingly, Klein's followers slammed Rogan for spreading COVID misinformation, while Rogan's fans fat-shamed Klein. A few comments on the same read:

Ethan Klein roasting Joe Rogan for his fitness lifestyle choices is the most in-character thing for that Slimer looking mf to do 💀💀
y’all can keep fatshaming ethan klein all you want, it won’t change the fact that joe rogan is a POS responsible for a substantial amount of covid misinformation
Honestly if you take any Medical advice from either Joe Rogan or Ethan Klein, then you should have a will already
I don’t get how Ethan Klein is wrong though. He’s talking about health covid-wise and not weight? Joe Rogan injected all this crazy sht in himself. I think people are just using it as an excuse to call Ethan fat.
Ppl comparing Ethan Klein and joe Rogan as if Ethan’s weight journey has not been very public and joe Rogan hasn’t been roided up since ‘08
Ethan Klein never claimed he has a healthier diet than Joe Rogan or that he works out more. His statement was that Rogan holds himself out as a model for male health, yet has a weird diet, takes questionable supplements and spouts anti-vax nonsense. All completely accurate.
conservatives and joe rogan simps when ethan klein calls joe rogan an idiot
The response to Ethan Klein's valid critism of Joe Rogan is just skinny people shitting themselves because a fat person dared talk about health
@MrAndyNgo @h3h3productions @joerogan Pretty sure this whole thing was bout how Rogans vaccine hesitancy causing vaccine hesitancy, and everyone who's anti vaccine is right turning it to "Lol fat man says buff man unhealthy" because that's easier to fight

This is not the first time Rogan has been called out for his controversial vaccine stance. He also interviewed Dr Robert Malone, a scientist who helped invent mRNA vaccines.

Malone claimed that the US mimics Nazi Germany by “hypnotizing” citizens to believe in their vaccines during the podcast. Malone also alleged in the podcast that Americans are experiencing “mass formation psychosis” by getting jabbed.


Since then, the podcast episode has been deleted from YouTube. Malone’s Twitter account has been suspended as well.

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