"Stop the madness": Fans react to NCT Mark and OH MY GIRL Arin dating rumors following their agencies' statement denying the same

NCT Mark and OH MY GIRL Arin caught up in dating rumors (Image via Twitter/@NCTsmtown_127, via Instagram/@ye._.vely618)
NCT Mark and OH MY GIRL Arin caught up in dating rumors (Image via Twitter/@NCTsmtown_127, Instagram/@ye._.vely618)

On Monday, February 6, the agencies of both NCT Mark and OH MY GIRL Arin released a statement denying the ongoing dating rumors between the two.

Just a few hours before the statement and spike of rumors, Arin uploaded an Instagram post of herself kissing the sun and a series of other pictures. At first, fans didn't think much of the post until someone brought up its similarities to Mark's earlier post on Instagram back in October, where he was also kissing the sun in the picture.

Naturally, fans put the two together, speculating on dating rumors between NCT Mark and OH MY GIRL Arin. However, SM and WM Entertainment were quick to respond to them and deny that the rumors were groundless and that the images have no connection other than being purely coincidental.

While SM Entertainment's representatives simply denied the rumors for their baselessness, WM released a statement saying:

"The photo in question is one that Arin's father took while she was on a family vacation."

However, fans have quite a few thoughts to share on the same.

Fans react to the unexpected dating rumors between NCT Mark and OH MY GIRL Arin

When it was first revealed that NCT Mark and OH MY GIRL Arin were classmates during all three years of their course in the School of Performing Arts, it inevitably sparked many rumors. They became one of the most shipped and speculated pairs in the K-pop industry.

Minute similarities in NCT Mark and OH MY GIRL Arin's Instagram posts have fans reviving the ship, neglecting the fact that they were months apart and Arin's photo was taken by her dad, which instantly proved the rumors false.

While the two may be good friends, given their background and current career in the same industry, the rumors were created through groundless and accidental circumstances.

Though the agencies have denied the rumors, many fans continue to ship the two and are adamant that there has to be something budding between the two.

Some fans are also defensive of their idols and express that the issue shouldn't be up for public debate, even if the rumors are true. On the other hand, some fans think that the assumptions are a stretch and are taken way out of context.

NCT Mark and OH MY GIRL Arin's current schedules

NCT 127 recently came out with their fourth repackaged album, Ay-Yo, on January 31. Following the same, the members have kickstarted the album promotions with special stage performances and guesting in variety shows.

As the group's first promotional schedule, NCT Mark appeared on JBTC's newsroom as their weather forecaster, explaining NCT and NCT 127's new comeback in detail.

OH MY GIRL Arin, on the other hand, just had season two of the K-drama she co-starred in, Alchemy of the Souls: Light and Shadow, released, and fans loved to see her return to the screens. She played the second lead and was one of the four main personalities on the show. Since it was a different dimension of Arin that fans hadn't seen yet, they were stunned by her impressive skills.

Nevertheless, fans hope that K-pop idols aren't always subjected to groundless rumors and fandom ships. While there's an ongoing controversy within the K-pop industry concerning interactions between male and female idols that always result in dating rumors, the deconstruction of the same is what everyone wishes for.

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