Alchemy of Souls season 2: Everything a fan should know

Alchemy of Souls season 2
Alchemy of Souls season 2 teaser poster (Image via tvN)

Season 2 of The Alchemy of Souls will premiere on December 10, 2022, with a total of ten exciting episodes. The country of Daeho will once again welcome viewers, and tvN has already piqued fans' interest with exciting teasers and posters. Following the chilling conclusion of Part 1, Alchemy of Souls: Light and Shadow has announced Jang Uk's (Lee Jae-wook) return with a bold teaser and much more.

Alchemy Of Souls premiered on tvN and Netflix on June 18 and quickly became a hit with K-drama fans due to its captivating plot and a stellar cast. The drama takes place in the fictional country of Daeho and is about a group of young magicians who have been given twisted lives by a spell that lets souls switch bodies.

tvN released a teaser with Lee Jae-wook announcing his surprise return, complete with extreme mysteries, breathtaking visuals, and a new female lead.

Alchemy of Souls season 2 release date, teaser poster, and more


The second season of Alchemy of Souls will premiere on tvN and Netflix on December 10 at 9:10 p.m. KST, with new episodes airing every Saturday and Sunday (globally). Season 2 will feature ten new episodes and a new story as Jang-uk returns from the dead three years later.

Jang-uk, who wished to remain dead in the most recent teaser, also declared:

"If my power serves as justification, not one person will leave this place alive.”

Aside from the teaser, tvN also shared an exciting poster depicting two hands gently intertwined as sunlight emerges from the background. The image also includes blue and red jade – the yin and yang – which represent Jang's love for his soulmate.

The cliffhanger in season 1 was met with raised eyebrows with people speculating multiple storylines at once. The plot of Alchemy of Souls season 2 will naturally take a turn, as Jung So-min will no longer be the show's leader, and Go Yoon-jung, who plays Nak-su, will take over.

Jung So-min, who played Mu-deok in the first season, stole the show with her boundless energy. The actress, however, will not return for The Alchemy of Souls season 2.

The majority of the other star cast, on the other hand, will reprise their roles. As spotted in the preview, The Alchemy of Souls season 2 cast lineup includes Lee Jae-wook, Minhyun, OH MY GIRL’s Arin, Shin Seung-ho, Oh Na-ra, and more.

Park Joon-hwa, who directed the first season and also directed What's Wrong With Secretary Kim, Because This Is My First Life, and Touch Your Heart, will direct the Alchemy of Souls season 2 episodes.

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