Stray Kids’ Felix sends sensuous selcas on Bubble, sheds his “cute” personality

Stray Kids' Felix (Image via @realstraykids/Instagram)
Stray Kids' Felix (Image via @realstraykids/Instagram)

Defining Stray Kids’ Felix usually comprises adjectives such as “cute”, “beautiful,” and “prettiest”, among others. As a 21-year-old, Felix has often shared with fans that he would like to shed his “cute” personality and show them something different.

On December 19, the Stray Kids rapper sent two mesmerizing selfies on the fan platform app Bubble, breaking the online STAY fandom.

Fans trend Stray Kids Felix’s shirtless, smiley Bubble pictures on Twitter

Stray Kids’ rapper and part of the maknae line, the Korean-Australian Felix, has won fans’ hearts with his multiple talents. Baking cookies and cake, sharing them with members or music show staff, his insane body control while dancing and voice control that makes him stand out amongst the 4th generation K-pop group - the rapper has always been fondly called “cute.”

Official schedules haven’t given Felix much space to explore his sensual side, except he recently wore a daring outfit for Japanese promotions. He made sure to show a unique side of himself to fans on Bubble on December 19.

Felix [211219] 1:07AM KST:y/n:[picture]:hi 🤍:(eng) Hai 🤍:[picture]:I missed you so I sent you pictures ~

The rapper decided to send never-seen-before selfies because he felt like he “couldn’t talk a lot” at the offline fansign held on the same day. He wanted to show them “something different” as gratitude, away from the cute gestures he always shows.

Felix [211219] 1:48AM KST VM:(eng) I feel like I couldn’t talk a lot today so I just wanted to send a photo of.. you know, something that I’ve never really shown. I guess... I guess I do show a lot of what you guys call cute but I just wanted to show you something different. ++
++ so yeah... I thought it would be nice to show something a little.... something that I don’t show everyday.... so yeah.... thank you so much for being very nice today and I wish you a good day today and I’m off to bed so goodnight and thank you. bye

Felix shared photos that included everything fans love about him - his blonde, long hair, his freckles, his smile, earrings, pretty colors in the background, but most of all - a shirtless Felix. Even though the pictures are cropped enough to show his bare neck, it was enough to say that the cute idol can also display a mature side.

In multiple interviews, Felix has revealed how he wants to show fans a new, mature side, away from the “baby chick” version. It looks like he isn’t waiting for the agency anymore and is taking things into his own hands with the help of Bubble. Needless to say, fans aren’t complaining either.

@babyphototext oh okay.... and u triggered the whole stayville with that something different thing 🙂
@babyphototext His sleepy voice 😭😭🖐STOP!!
Felix literally sent these at 1am saying "y/n are you awake? I sent these because I missed you"
"what you guys call cute" see felix im not "guys" i'm built different in my dictionary when it comes to describing you it's either HOT or WOOF WOOF sir
Lee felix on bubble be like and stays right now;
fav genre: felix's bubble selcas ✨
ok get your pills out cause Felix is on bubble making us crazy
money CAN buy happinessexample: lee felix bubble 😙
jyp staff who monitors felix’s bubble when they wake up and see what he sent last night

Each member of Stray Kids makes the group unique. But Felix’s deep voice with hard-hitting beat drops has made it a prominent fourth-generation K-pop boy group. From his low verses and a growl-like voice in viral hits God’s Menu, Back Door, and Thunderous to his deep yet soft vocals in 24 to 25 and Winter Falls, his voice remains a hallmark of the group.

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