Tana Mongeau kicked out of LA bar for filming someone getting help for alcohol poisoning; fans enraged on Twitter 

Tana Mongeau (Image via Instagram, Seventeen)
Tana Mongeau (Image via Instagram, Seventeen)
R A Karthik Prasad

YouTube influencer Tana Mongeau is once again in the face of a new controversy. This time, it involves the social media star filming a person without their consent, and the result is getting thrown out of the bar in West Hollywood.

According to reports from April 25, Tana Mongeau and her group of friends were spotted in The Abbey Bar. The YouTube star was caught insensitively videotaping a person receiving medical help after collapsing from alcohol poisoning.

Videos posted by YouTuber Def Noodles show Tana Mongeau and a friend having a confrontation with the bar’s security staff. The latter clips show the YouTuber and her gang in an argument with the management, which led to them being kicked out.

Tana Mongeau argues with bar security and gets kicked out

The tweets from the videos have shared some context, but fans are advised to take it with a grain of salt. Def Noodles allegedly claims, based on his sources, that Tana even refused to pay for their tab or wear a mask and denied deleting the video she captured of the man receiving medical attention.

Tana Mongeau’s earlier Instagram stories also showed the star at a bar filming a man dancing on stage. Although she didn’t mention The Abbey, it’s clear that she was at the location and was in an argument with the staff.

The influencer has responded to the allegations, denying any such incident, and stated that everyone in the bar was asked to vacate due to an emergency. Tana asked YouTuber Def Noodles not to slander her based on assumptions.

Tana Mongeau denies allegations, but enraged fans call her out saying she's "lying"

Unfortunately, fans don’t seem to be on her side, and many have called out the star saying she's “lying” and even tweeted back at Tana that the video footage is proof of her act. Reactions continue to pour in from all sides, but most criticize her reckless behavior during a pandemic.

YouTuber Keemstar even responded to the incident but warned Def Noodles of an incoming lawsuit from Tana.

Tana has been caught up in various controversies in the past, especially during her relationship with now-former fiance Jake Paul. Many have even claimed it to be fake and a mere PR stunt.

While the YouTuber continues to deny the allegations, fans aren't looking to forgive her actions anytime soon.

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