Thai MC slammed for discrediting idols BamBam and Nichkhun's success while praising Lisa's solo debut

2PM's Nichkhun, BLACKPINK's Lisa, and GOT7's BamBam (Images via Google)
2PM's Nichkhun, BLACKPINK's Lisa, and GOT7's BamBam (Images via Google)
Afreen Khan

Thai MC Moddam Kachapa is under fire for his comments on Thai idols BamBam (GOT7) and Nichkhun's (2PM) success. On September 11 of the Chae Show, the MC discussed the success of BLACKPINK Lisa's solo debut LALISA.

He used terms such as 'truly world class' for Lisa's success. He said, "we've never seen a Thai superstar go this far." The comment throws shade at Thai idols Bambam and Nichkhun, who are senior to Lisa in the industry. The MC's comments upset fans who claimed that he could have praised Lisa without bringing other idols down.

Thai MC disrespects BamBam and Nichkhun's work while praising Lisa

Kachapa's comments have been widely perceived as insensitive towards the success of the Thai idols.

Nichkhun debuted in 2008 under JYPE's group 2PM. BamBam debuted in 2014 under JYPE's GOT7. Lisa's group BLACKPINK debuted later in 2016. Clearly, BamBam and Nichkhun paved the way for other Thai artists. To invalidate their success did not sit right with fans. They were vocally critical of the MC.

Showing a pattern of him being dismissive, fans dug up a previous clip of the MC invalidating BamBam and Nichkhun's successes while calling Lisa "truly world-class."

K-pop stans know that Thai idols share a close bond. BamBam and Lisa are particularly close because they were a part of the same dance crew. They have been colleagues since entering the entertainment industry.

Many fans spoke up about this disrespectful behavior while also highlighting the influence of Nichkhun and BamBam on the industry. One fan even called it a baseless competition. Other fans cited them as "one of the biggest pride points" of Thailand.

Several fans flocked to Twitter to state that 2PM's Nichkhun paved the way for future Thai idols. They observed that Nichkhun was the first to bring the popular variety show, Running Man, to Thailand.

BamBam is active on Twitter and is known to interact with his global fans. So it was only a matter of time until he discovered what was going on. A few hours after the controversy struck, BamBam tweeted saying,

"Nevermind. Maybe many people are not aware of my efforts. But everyone gradually recognized and understood. I'm happy."

MC Moddam Kachapa has since issued an apology on Instagram. However, many fans find the apology hollow.

While fans have demanded a more sincere apology, some have discovered that the MC unfollowed BamBam on Instagram. This has further fueled public opinion of the apology being half-baked

While the Thai MC might feel one way about BamBam and Nichkhun, the following clip proves that K-pop fans and the president of South Korea feel quite differently about the Thai idols:

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Edited by Srijan Sen

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