“LALISA love me”: Fans after BLACKPINK’s Lisa owns her Thai identity in solo debut mv

A shot of Lisa from her solo debut LALISA (Image via BLACKPINK/YouTube)
A shot of Lisa from her solo debut LALISA (Image via BLACKPINK/YouTube)
Paige Greene

“LALISA Love Me,” the chorus of BLACKPINK member Lisa’s debut solo, is what fans will hum all day long after the release of her song. It is grunge, with a pop of vibrance that speaks to Lisa’s energy when on stage.

The song itself looked more like a manifestation of all of Lisa’s identities and characteristics.

From her love for everything vintage, her eye for fashion, to her Thai heritage, Lisa owned all of it in the LALISA music video. She owned all her sides and unapologetically asked viewers to love her for what she was.

This unapologetic attitude surfaces throughout the video of LALISA and draws the audience further into the song. The lyrics and rap are a mix of Korean and English.

She spoke about shaking up the world, burning up loud emotions in the song. It seemed a response to all the antis, the racism she faced, and the comments that critiqued everything about her.

The idea of using her Thai heritage, something that has made her a subject of racist attacks, is a clap back at all the trolls. In the video, she wears headgear native to a Thai dance form, and the sharp finger rings are a brilliant accessory to the whole look.

Lisa completely owned her solo debut (Image via BLACKPINK/YouTube)
Lisa completely owned her solo debut (Image via BLACKPINK/YouTube)

The BLACKPINK idol has made herself clear with her solo debut. She is who she is, and fans love her for it.

The daredevil in her was liberated, seemingly showing Lisa breaking away from everything that had kept her chained so far.

Fans react to Lisa’s solo debut music video LALISA

Followers have been tweeting the chorus of the song LALISA Love me with their favorite screenshot and clip from the video since the song’s release. Within the first forty minutes, it garnered close to 7 million views on YouTube.

Fans shared their posts with hashtags #TodayisLalisaday, #Lisa, and #Lalisa, all of which charted in top trends on Twitter.

Lisa, whose full name is Lalisa Manoban, is expected to perform LALISA for the first time on The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon.

Edited by Ravi Iyer
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