Top 5 K-pop group leaders in 2021

Who are the best K-pop group leaders of 2021? RM of BTS might be in the conversation (Image via Big Hit Music)
Who are the best K-pop group leaders of 2021? RM of BTS might be in the conversation (Image via Big Hit Music)

Most K-pop groups have anointed leaders, whether by a vote between members or a decision made by their agency.

While many may think it's just a fancy title given to a K-pop idol, leaders face many responsibilities with no extra merit to their name. They're in charge of communicating the grievances of the members to the company and vice versa. They make sure the group has no conflicts amongst themselves, and so forth.

However, some idols go above and beyond to provide their utmost support to their groups.

Who is the best K-pop leader of 2021?

5) Got7's Jay B

Got7 collectively left their agency, JYP Entertainment, at the beginning of 2021. Fortunately, they're still sticking together as a group, but they are focusing on their solo careers for now.

During this stressful transition and even before and after, leader Jay B has been a massive crutch for the members to lean on.

Outside of taking care of his members and working on music production aspects for the K-pop group, Jay B revealed on his Instagram that he was studying various business aspects to help Got7 release music. This included firing paperwork, studying distribution and copyright laws, and so forth.

4) TWICE's Jihyo

Jihyo was voted as the leader of TWICE by the members of the K-pop girl group themselves! TWICE's Sana has stated that Jihyo is often the one that helps her remove her make-up after a long day's work, even if she's dead tired herself.

Jihyo trained the longest among all members of the K-pop group and has been a trainee under JYP Entertainment for a decade. The other girls stated she's the most dependable person in the group, and they've never regretted their decision.

3) Stray Kids' Bang Chan

Bang Chan is often called the glue that holds Stray Kids together! He's helped the group in arranging, producing, and writing. He's always looked after the members of the K-pop group, ensuring that their health is good and there are no conflicts.

Bang Chan also helps translate between his members and others when they're doing overseas promotions, as he is fluent in English. He regularly holds live streams with fans of Stray Kids, where he speaks to them and gives advice or talks about what's on his mind.

2) Mamamoo's Solar

Solar has constantly been praised for being an influential leader for the other three girls. The K-pop idol stated that she's the youngest in her house, so when she joined Mamamoo, where she was the oldest of all four members and was made the leader, she was a bit lost at first.

However, she quickly picked it up and helped carry the group through all of the rough periods. The other Mamamoo members have endless praise for the leader, stating that no matter how much of a tough time she goes through, she's always looking out for the rest of them and is constantly pushing herself.

1) BTS' RM

RM is an outstanding leader in all aspects, so it should be no surprise that he's on this list! Not only does he aid the K-pop group in writing lyrics, producing, and composing, but outside of their music-production aspects, he's also an excellent speaker and figurehead.

RM is always seen giving the members of BTS a chance to speak during Q&A sessions or encouraging others to talk during their acceptance speeches at award ceremonies. He's got a watchful eye on all the members, making sure they're all doing okay — he also acts as their interpreter during overseas promotions where they need to communicate in English.

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