Fans show support to THE BOYZ’s Eric taking hiatus due to health issues

THE BOYZ's Eric 'Chase' concept photo (Image via @IST_THEBOYZ/Twitter)
THE BOYZ's Eric 'Chase' concept photo (Image via @IST_THEBOYZ/Twitter)

On March 4, THE BOYZ's agency announced that Eric would be taking an indefinite hiatus to focus on his health. The 11 member group will carry out their schedules as a ten-member group moving forward until the idol gets back in shape with a full recovery. The agency's statement did not give much detail, except that he felt “unwell” and had “other health issues” during recent promotions.

Fans have deduced that the health issues might be related to Eric’s mental health and stand in full support of his hiatus. They took to Twitter to send him supportive messages and assured him that they would wait for him to return healthier and better. Some fans even discussed sending messages on the group’s official Fan Cafe, hoping the idol would read it on the fan-artist platform.

THE BOYZ to promote as ten members as Eric takes hiatus to prioritize health

IST Entertainment released a statement announcing THE BOYZ’s Eric going on a hiatus starting March 4. They shared that the idol was experiencing poor health issues. After undergoing detailed analysis, the agency, members, and Eric decided to prioritize his health over other group activities.

The agency also assured fans that Eric is currently resting and is in a stable condition. They added that the group would continue their schedules as ten members for the timebeing, without putting any timeline on Eric's return. They ended the notice by stating that they would regularly update fans about the idol’s health status and the group’s activities.

Furthermore, they stated that Eric will solely focus on his health and will not participate in any other schedule.

"We will wait for you”: Fans send heart-warming letters to THE BOYZ’s Eric

Soon after the announcement, fans (called Deobis) sent supportive messages and letters to THE BOYZ’s Eric. The notice brought bittersweet feelings for them as, on the one hand, they were glad that the 22-year-old maknae decided to take complete rest for his deteriorating health. But on the other, they were concerned about the serious issue that led to his hiatus.

However, fans are glad that the K-pop agency is changing for the better and prioritizing artists' health over promotions.

Eric is the lead dancer, lead rapper, and vocalist of THE BOYZ. The group recently made a single comeback through Echo a few days ago, on March 2. There is also speculation rife in the Deobi fandom about an album release in mid-2022.

In other news, Sunwoo and Jacob were the latest members to test positive for COVID on February 28. Eric, Younghoon, Ju Haknyeon, Hyunjae, and Sangyeon tested positive for the virus in late January and have recovered fully.

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