The Glory’s Lim Ji-yeon cries talking about finding success after nearly a decade of hard work

Lim Ji-yeon cries while talking about the success after starring in The Glory (Image via Instagram/limjjy2)
Lim Ji-yeon cries while talking about the success after starring in The Glory (Image via Instagram/limjjy2)

Lim Ji-yeon, who has earned worldwide recognition with her fierce portrayal of Park Yeon-jin in The Glory, recently broke down while talking about her years of hard work.

On March 17, Wikitree reported that the 32-year-old had suddenly burst out in tears during her interview with them. The actress spoke about her preparations for playing Park Yeon-jin in The Glory and how she had always wanted to take on challenging roles.

Although Lim Ji-yeon has had a successful career since her debut in 2014, this is the first time she has experienced incredible success. The actress mentioned that her family members and other loved ones also ended up crying after watching her in The Glory.

Talking about her family being happy to see her on the hit Netflix show made the actress tear up. She then added that they know “how desperate” she was and felt that she “wasn’t as gifted” as her peers.

“They know how desperate I was”: The Glory actress Lim Ji-yeon talks about her family’s reaction to her success and her hard work

Since landing her first feature film role in 2014, Lim Ji-yeon has appeared in many projects throughout the years, for which she has won several awards too. Netflix’s revenge thriller The Glory, however, is by far the most successful work of the actress. She played the role of Park Yeon-jin, the main school bully of Moon Dong-eun, played by Song Hye-kyo.

Speaking about her role, Lim Ji-yeon recently shared that everyone around her began calling her “Yeon-jin” instead of her own name. Needless to say, playing Yeon-jin became a turning point in the actress’ career after nearly ten years of being active in the industry.

In the interview with Wikitree, she shared that her preparations for Yeon-jin were the same as any other role she had portrayed. However, the Netflix revenge thriller gave her such incredible recognition that even her family members cried out of happiness.

As translated via Koreaboo:

“To be honest, I have always tried. I’ve always been desperate and I’ve prepared for all my roles as I did for Yeon Jin. Although slowly, I like to think I am progressing and so I’ve always wanted to challenge myself for new characters. Many in my family and people closest to me told me that they cried after watching The Glory (because they were happy for me).”

Lim Ji-yeon also shed tears before continuing with her answer, saying,

“I am not sure why I am (crying) like this… My family knows how hard I’ve worked. They know how desperate I was. I felt I wasn’t as gifted as my colleagues and so I thought I had to work harder. I am thankful to my family who knew this. I don’t know how long this will last so I want to continue acting with this feeling in my heart.”

The actress landed her first feature film, Obsessed, in 2014, which won her a Grand Bell Award and the Korean Association of Film Critics Awards. She even received a Baeksang Art Award nomination for the same. She is currently going viral as Moon Dong-eun’s nemesis in Netflix’s The Glory.

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