The Glory: Young and old cast and characters lost explored

Stills of the cast members of The Glory (Images via Netflixkr/Instagram)
Stills of the cast members of The Glory (Images via Netflixkr/Instagram)

The Glory's first part, consisting of eight episodes, dropped on Netflix recently, and it has garnered the attention of the masses.

Flitting between the past and the present, The Glory documents the journey of a young and bullied Dong-eun growing up into an aggressive, confident yet traumatized woman seeking revenge. The show received brilliant feedback for casting actors so well that the artists who play the younger roles look quite similar to the lead actors who are older.

Song Hye-kyo, the lead actor who plays the role of Moon Dong-eun in the series, has received widespread acclaim for her acting chops, and interest in the show's characters has increased over the past few days.

Lead cast to supporting roles: The complete character guide toThe Glory

Primary characters of The Glory:

1) Song Hye-kyo and Jung Ji-so as Moon Dong-eun

Dong-eun is repeatedly assaulted physically and verbally by five of her classmates from high school in The Glory. The trauma inflicted on her is so deep that she believes she could only survive if she exacted revenge for everything the young and rich kids inflicted upon her.

2) Lim Ji-yeon and Shin Ye-eun as Park Yeon-jin

The leader of the gang in The Glory, so to speak, targets Dong-eun repeatedly. Yeon-jin's dream had always been to get married to a good-looking, well-settled man and give birth to a child. Dong-eun wants to ruin it all and leave Yeon-jin alone to deal with the aftermath.

3) Park Sung-hoon and Song Byung-geun as Jeon Jae-jun

Jae-jun has always been in love with Yeon-jin but the two decide not to pursue a serious relationship. So she marries someone else that is "right" for her family's reputation and her image.

Jae-jun is one of the students in the gang, and does his bit in torturing Dong-eun. He is the father to Yeon-jin's daughter, but her husband is not aware of this fact.

4) Kim Hieora and Bae Gang-hee as Lee Sa-ra

Lee Sa-ra is the child of a popular pastor who is the leader of a church congregation. She grows up to become a drug addict with a preference for meth and cannabis. She is an artist who works mainly under the influence of these drugs.

5) Cha Joo-young and Song Ji-woo as Choi Hye-jeong

Hye-jeong is not rich like the aforementioned gang members, but because she has hung out with them during high school, the group tends to stay close. After all, they know so much about each other that drifting apart could end up becoming problematic.

6) Kim Gun-woo and Seo Woo-hyeok as Son Myeong-oh

Myeong-oh is not only poor in The Glory, but he has no means to make a living and ends up becoming Jae-jun's lackey. He is jealous of his rich and popular friend, and it is his jealousy and greed for money that leads to his disappearance. He tries to blackmail one of his friends for money, and from the hints of it, things do not seem to have gone very well.

The most likely suspect who caused him harm seems to be Yeon-jin.

7) Lee Do-hyun as Joo Yeo-jeong

Lee Do-hyun is a friend of Dong-eun who teaches her to play Baduk. The two meet during her college days in The Glory. He develops a romantic interest in Dong-eun and agrees to help her with anything that she would need. He also understands why she targets Yeon-jin's husband.

8) Yum Hye-ran as Kang Hyeon-nam

Hyeon-nam is Dong-eun's assistant who does all the leg work. She follows people, finds out their weaknesses, and aids Dong-eun. She does this in return for supporting her daughter's education. She also wants her husband killed because he is an abusive man.

9) Jung Sung-il as Ha Do-yeong

Ha Do-yeong is Yeon-jin's husband in The Glory. He is the CEO of a successful company and comes from a family that has inherited wealth for generations. He is intrigued by Dong-eun, wants to know more about her, and is on his way to being smitten with her. However, he may not stand by her side when he learns about the truth behind his wife's past.

Secondary and tertiary characters in The Glory:

The other characters in the K-drama include Son Sook as landlord, Park Ji-ah as Jeong Mi-hee, Song Na-young as Gu Seong-hui, Kang Gil-woo as Kim Soo-han, Yoon Da-kyung as Park Ye-jin's mother, Lee Hae-young as Chief Shin Yeong-jun, and Kim Jung-young as Park Sang-im

A date for the release of the second part of The Glory has not been finalized yet.

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