Netflix hit series The Glory depicts bullying incidents that are based on real-life stories

Featuring Song Hye-kyo and Lee Do-hyun
Featuring Song Hye-kyo and Lee Do-hyun

On December 30, 2022, Netflix premiered the first part of The Glory, consisting of eight episodes starring Song Hye-kyo and Lee Do-hyun. As soon as the show aired, it was quickly ranked No. 1 on Netflix in many countries. Viewers started applauding the writers and actors for the amazing storyline and execution of the plot.

The Glory is a dark, revenge-based drama where Dong-eun gets severely bullied by her classmates, and is unable to do anything because nobody is willing to help her, not even her parents. She was forced to drop out of school and later hatches a plan over the years to take her revenge.

It has been revealed that the bullying incidents depicted in the drama The Glory are based on real-life stories and have shocked the viewers to their core.

The bullying scene depicted in the first episode of The Glory is based on a real-life incident dating back to 2006

In the first episode of The Glory, the younger counterparts of the characters Moon Dong-eun and Park Yeon Jin were played by the actresses Jung Ji-so and Shin Ye-sun. The adult counterparts are played by Song Hye-kyo and Lim Ji-yeon when the real plan of revenge hatched by the former begins.

In the episode, Moon Dong-eun was seen being brutally assaulted by her fellow classmates. Park Yeon-jin, the leader of the bullies, went after the former when she tried to complain about her to the police, but even the police were on Park Yeon-jin’s side, as she hails from an influential family.

Yeon-jin was joined by her friends Jeon Je-joon, Lee Sa-ra, Choi Hye-jung, and Son Myung-ho in assaulting Dong-eun. Their teen and adult counterparts were played by Park Sung-hoon and Song Byeong-geun; Kim Hie-aora and Bae Kang-Hee; Cha Joo-young and Song Ji-woo; and Kim Gun-woo and Seo Woo-hyun, respectively, in the drama The Glory.

In an episode of The Glory, Park Yeon-jin asked one of her friends to burn Dong-eun’s arm with a hair iron when the latter refused to apologize to her. They burned her hands not once but twice when she kept asking her why she was being abused, to which Yeon-jin replied that it was because of Dong-eun's background and that she was a loser.

As the scene aired, the fans couldn’t stop prasing the actors for their perfect execution of the bullying scene and expressed how shocked they were at the cruelty. However, things started getting more surprising when fans found out that the actual scene was based on a real-life incident that occurred in South Korea back in 2006.

It has been said that a female student J used to attend a girl’s middle school in the South Korean district of Cheongju and was a victim of violence and bullying. She was consistently assaulted by a group of her classmates, led by another student named K.

One day, when J arrived late when K called for her, they got extremely angry. K brutally burned J’s arm with a hair iron and scratched her chest with a hairpin. She further stole her money to punish for coming late.

After this horrific incident, the Cheongju District finally issued an arrest warrant against the bully, K.

The real-life incidents shocked viewers and citizens to their core, and some even said that they were shocked that the scenes were inspired by real-life events.

Bullying in South Korea is a real-deal

It is a known fact among regular K-drama fans how severe bullying can be in South Korea, and there are many shows about bullying that depict the prevailing violence and discrimination going on in the schools in the country.

Some of these dramas include The Uncanny Counter, Weak Hero Class 1, School 2015, True Beauty, Revenge of Others, Class of Lies, The King of Pigs, and My Id is Gangnam Beauty.

The Glory has been creating a buzz among K-drama fans and has received praise for its insane storyline and incredible actors. The second part of The Glory is confirmed to air in March 2023. However, a specific date hasn’t been revealed yet.

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