6 must-watch K-dramas featuring talented actor Lee Seung-gi

Mouse Korean Drama featuring Lee Seung-gi (Image via tvN)
Mouse Korean Drama featuring Lee Seung-gi (Image via tvN)

Besides his impeccable acting skills, Lee Seung-gi is also known for being an incredible singer and entertainer.

One of the most highly acclaimed actors in South Korea, Lee Seung-gi has starred in several K-dramas, showcasing his dynamic skills across genres with his roles in action thriller Vagabond, fantasy drama Gu Family Book, and many other such on-screen projects.

The actor also has the distinction of being the youngest entertainer to win the Grand Award (Daesang) at the 2018 SBS Entertainment Awards for starring in the SBS variety show, Master in the House.

From Mouse to Gu Family Book, here are six unmissable K-dramas featuring Lee Seung-gi

1) The Law Cafe


Where to Watch: Viki

If you love to swoon over lovey-dovey Korean dramas, then The Law Cafe is for you. The series marked Lee Seung-gi's reunion with his A Korean Odyssey co-star Lee Se-young.

The plot revolves around Kim Jung-ho and Kim Yoo-ri, who have been friends since high school. After quitting her law firm, when Yoo-ri goes to meet the landlord of a building regarding a cafe she wants to open there, she discovers that the landlord is none other than her old friend Jung-ho.

She sets up her "Law Cafe" in that same building, and thus begins her frequent encounters with Kim Jung-ho, leading to a growing friendship which soon blossoms into love.

2) Mouse


Where to watch: Viki, Apple TV, and TVING

One of the best suspense Korean dramas of 2021, Mouse astonished fans with a series of unexpected twists and turns. The drama revolves around a budding police officer, Jung Bae-rum (played by Lee Seung-gi), who is tasked with nabbing the culprit behind a series of murders.

Jung Bae-rum's love interest in the K-drama was played by the actress Park Ju-hyun, who brought a sigh of relief throughout the drama. It was a delight to see Park Ju-hyun and Lee Seung-gi act together.

3) Vagabond


Where to watch: Netflix

If you are an action freak, then action thriller Vagabond should be on your watch list.

The plot of the film takes off when Dal-gun (played by Seung-gi) embarks on an impossible journey to discover the truth behind his nephew’s death, and encounters an NIS agent in the process.

Vagabond is one of the most popular action thrillers among K-drama lovers, with Lee Seung-gi and Bae Suzy playing the lead roles.

4) Gu Family Book


Where to watch: Viki, Netflix, Apple TV, and Prime Video

Another Lee Seung-gi and Bae Suzy starrer, this fantasy romance drama captivates the viewer’s attention with its interesting premise.

The film is pinned around Seung-gi's character Choi Kang-chi, who is partly human and partly a mythical creature. Choi Kang-chi and Yeo-wool belong to two different worlds and the drama takes audiences through the many obstacles the two need to overcome in order to unite.

5) King2Hearts


Where to watch: Viki, Netflix, and Prime Video

King2Hearts is a must-watch for those who enjoy watching interactions between North Korea and South Korea in fictional dramas.

The plot begins with an arranged marriage between a South Korean Princess and a North Korean soldier. Besides navigating the ups and downs of an arranged marriage, the fighting skills of the princess also proved to be a big hit in the series. The character of the strong female lead was played by none other than Han Ji-won, who was joined by Lee Seung-gi.

6) My Girlfriend Is a Gumiho


Where to watch: Wavve, SBS World, Viki, and Netflix

If you're bored of watching normal couples in Korean dramas, switch to the fantasy genre with this series, which features a Gumiho trying to become a human with the help of a man named Cha Dae Woong. While helping the Gumiho, both she and Cha Dae Woong find a safe space in each other.

For the unversed, a Gumiho is a mythical creature known for its ability to transform into anything, most notably a beautiful woman on the lookout to seduce unsuspecting men.

The K-drama was a hit among fans, especially for the lovely romance between Shin Min-ah and Lee Seung-gi in the lead roles.

Lee Seung-gi will be making his silver screen comeback with a movie titled Large Family sometime next year. He is currently filming for the same. Many eyes are on the movie as it will be his first movie in nearly four years.

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