Netflix’s The Glory starring Song Hye-kyo and Lee Do-hyun is scheduled for release in two different parts

Featuring Song Hye-kyo and Lee Do-hyun (Image via Koreadispatch Instagram)
Featuring Song Hye-kyo and Lee Do-hyun (Image via Koreadispatch Instagram)

The upcoming Netflix revenge drama, The Glory, starring Lee Do-hyun and Song Hye-kyo is scheduled for release in two different parts.

On December 20, at a press conference, director Ahn Gil-ho officially announced that The Glory will be released in two parts. The conference was held at JW Marriot Dongdaemun Square in Seoul.

The Glory consists of a total of 16 episodes, with the first part releasing on December 30, 2022, and the second part releasing in March 2023.

The press conference was attended by the drama’s cast, including Lee Do-hyun, Song Hye-kyo, Im Ji-yeon, Yeom Hye-ran, Jung Sung II, Park Sung-hoon and others. Acclaimed writer Kim Eun-sook and director Ahn Gil-ho were also present.

The Glory will present the sad story of a woman who has gone through the worst phases of her life during her childhood. In the years that followed, she decided to take her revenge, even if it meant risking her life. Song Hye-kyo will play the character of Moon Dong-eun and Lee Do-hyun will essay the role of Joo Yeo-jung in the series.

Song Hye-kyo’s character Moon Dong-eun suffered brutal school violence in the upcoming drama The Glory

Song Hye-kyo will essay the character of Moon Dong-eun in the upcoming revenge-based drama, The Glory.

As a child, Moon Dong-eun went through some of the darkest and most difficult phases of her life, and had to persevere to make it through. She was a victim of school bullying. She was abused by her own classmates and had to drop out. Following brutal school violence and torture, she couldn’t trust anyone. She couldn’t fulfill her dream of becoming an architect.

As the years went on, Moon Dong-eun gradually became a teacher and the person who bullied her got married and had kids. When the latter's kid joined elementary school, Moon Dong-eun followed suit, becoming the child's homeroom teacher.

She then plans to exact revenge from the people who bullied her, and the bystanders who didn’t do anything to help. She plots a thorough plan designed to make sure others suffer.

A significant role in her plan is played by Lee Do-hyun, who will be portraying the role of Joo Yeo-jung in The Glory, a character said to be controlled by Moon Dong-eun. Joo Yeo-jung is carefree and loving, and comes from a wealthy background.

What happened at the press conference?

During the press conference for The Glory, held at JW Marriot Dongdaemun Square in Seoul on December 20, Song Hye-kyo and Lee Do-hyun shared thoughtful opinions about their characters.

It has been all over the news that Lee Do-hyun was excited to work with Hallyu Queen Song Hye-kyo. The actor mentioned at the press conference that he used to practice with his pet Gaeul, thinking he was Song Hye-kyo.

He further mentioned:

“After receiving the script, I read it quickly out of curiosity. I was curious what kind of person Yeojung is and there weren't many details, so I wondered what he was exactly. I want to deliver it well to viewers, so I thought he’s little unclear but stubborn.”

Hye-kyo shared how eager she was to try out a different genre from the usual romance. She spoke about her interest in essaying a role that would be darker and significantly different from her previous dramas.

Speaking about her character in The Glory, she said:

“I have always wanted to try this genre and character. I zoned out for a moment when I first read the script, how is it like this? And I thought to myself, the show will come out great only if I do well.”

She also shared her experience of getting slapped for a scene in the K-drama:

“My mind went blank when I got slapped because it was my first time getting slapped like that. Our cheeks were red when we looked at the mirror after scene.”

The upcoming revenge drama The Glory is penned by the famous writer Kim Eun-sook, who is known for her projects such as Mr.Sunshine, and Goblin. It is directed by Ahn Gil-ho.

Hallyu Queen Song Hye-kyo has appeared in dramas such as Descendants of the Sun, Encounter, Full House, and many others. She recently starred in Now We Are Breaking Up, where she showcased herself as an ambitious yet heartbroken woman.

Lee Do-hyun is well-known for Hotel Del Luna, 18 Again, and many others. He recently starred in the romance drama Youth Of May.

The first part of the upcoming drama The Glory is scheduled to premiere worldwide on Netflix on December 30 with eight episodes.

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