The Glory Part 1 ending explained: Song Hye-kyo and Lee Do-hyun's story is not over

A still from The Glory (Image via Netflix)
A still from The Glory (Image via Netflix)

Netflix Korean drama The Glory stars Song Hye-kyo and Lee Do-hyun as the leads. The show is a revenge-thriller and so far, Netflix has released eight episodes of the drama.

At the end of it, The Glory leaves the audience with two questions: Will Moon Dong-eun get help from Park Yeon-jin's husband Ha Do-yeong? What secrets does her 'executioner' Joo Yeo-jeong hold with him?

The story of The Glory is simple, yet intense. It is about a young high school student suffering at the hands of her classmates who bully her. The bullying is not limited to throwing shade at her or just insulting her. It is much worse. She was also physically and s*xually assaulted. Moon Dong-eun is the victim. Park Yeon-jin, Jeon Jae-jun, Lee Sa-ra, Choi Hye-jeong, and Son Myeong-o are the perpetrators of the crime.

The Glory teases a dark side to Lee Do-hyun's character Joo Yeo-jeong

Despite Dong-eun's multiple complaints to the school authorities and the cops, the rich kids walk off scott free. There seems to be no reprieve for Dong-eun, until she sets her mind on revenge. She plans meticulously and works towards trapping the five criminals as an adult.

She does a brilliant job at it, and she does it despite her multiple post-trauma reactions, triggers that take her back to the past, and other general obstacles. She also meets Yeo-jeong while planning out her revenge.

Yeo-jeong is a young man who teaches her how to play Baduk (Go) in The Glory. He chooses to become her executioner after listening to her story and seeing the role that the bullying played in her life, and the scars that it left on her body. Until then, this young doctor keeps his dark side hidden in the K-drama.

He seems to be an easy-going young man dealing with depression the sensible way -- through therapy. But soon enough, the plot thickens. Not only has he recovered from the unfortunate death of his father, but he continues to live with its horror. Every day, he even imagines taking the life of the man who killed his father. Instinctually, it is clear that he will play a much bigger role in Dong-eun's revenge.

From the perspective of writing and increasing the drama, Yeon-jin's husband Do-yeong may not take Dong-eun's side.

He might pity her, and even sympathize with her situation, but he wouldn't sacrifice his standing in The Glory. Since the beginning of The Glory, he has always been labeled as a good person on the surface, with unappealing qualities inside.

So far, the audience has only seen the good side of him. He is clearly attracted to the baduk player he meets on and off. He is intrigued by her, the way she works the board, and her strategy within the game. This interest takes root, and he begins to think about her a lot. However, other than this, he has been a guy who shoots straight. Now, knowing the dirty dark secrets of his wife, Do-yeong may change.

The secret about his daughter not being biologically his, is yet to be revealed. Therefore, until that moment, it can be expected that Do-yeong may as well decide to stick by his family. How Dong-eun traverses through the rest of her revenge plan is something that the audience will see in March 2023, when The Glory Part 2 is scheduled to release.

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Edited by Upasya Bhowal