"THE KING WILL RETURN": ARMYs emotional as BTS' SUGA pens hopeful parting letter on Weverse ahead of his military enlistment

BTS' SUGA writes goodbye letter to ARMYs (Image via Instagram/agustd)

BTS' SUGA posted a heartfelt parting letter he had penned for ARMYs on Weverse on September 22, 2023, at midnight. Discussions about the 30-year-old's enlistment in the South Korean military have been going on for a while in the fandom. It was especially a topic of discussion after BIG HIT MUSIC dropped an announcement about the same on September 17, 2023. The announcement said that September 22, 2023, would be the date of SUGA's military duty commencement.

It is worth noting that earlier in August 2023, it was revealed that the Amygdala rapper had submitted a request for the termination of his enlistment postponement. With it only being a matter of days before the final announcement, fans were anticipating further notice on the matter.

Through the BTS rapper's warm goodbye note, ARMYs are finding strength in his promise to meet again in 2025, as they trend the idol on X under several tags. While fans were emotional to learn that their idol would be gone until 2025, they made sure to wish him luck with one fan even saying:

"See you all in 2025": Writes BTS' SUGA in his note to fans before heading off for the military

In his Weverse letter, SUGA gently cautioned ARMYs to stay healthy as the seasons change while also expressing his hope to meet ARMYs again in 2025. He wrote that he was "dropping by" to give his greetings and to tell the ARMYs that it was about time to leave.

"I'll carry out my duties with sincerity and be back. Be careful of the cold as fall approaches and the weather gradually gets chilly. Stay healthy and see you all in 2025! ARMY!!!! Thank you always and I love you," the rapper wrote in his Weverse note.

BIGHIT MUSIC also mentioned that no official events will not be held on the day of the rapper's enlistment or when he joins the training camp. They also asked fans to not visit the idol at his workplace during his duty period.

As BTS' SUGA prepares to leave for his service, fans flood social media with words of encouragement and well wishes. While some said that they loved him and asked him to take care of himself, others said that they would miss him a lot and that not seeing him would hurt them. However, most fans wished BTS' SUGA luck for the training.

BTS' SUGA is the third member of the group to begin his military service, following Jin and j-hope who enlisted in December 2022 and April 2023 respectively. Only members RM, Jimin, V, and Jungkook have yet to enlist.

BTS renewed their exclusive contracts with BIGHIT MUSIC

BTS' SUGA went on a Weverse live on September 17, where he greeted fans face-to-face for a final time before enlisting. Members Jin and j-hope also expressed that they are rooting for the idol, in line with his enlistment announcement.

In recent news, all BTS members renewed their exclusive contracts with BIGHIT MUSIC two years before their present contract is slated to end. Amidst news of the BTS members joining the military one after the other, the news of the renewed agreements serves as an assurance to ARMYs worldwide.

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