There will never be another HyunA and DAWN engagement ring, says jewelry designer

K-pop power couple HyunA and DAWN and engagement rings (Images via @hyunah_aa and @diligems/Instagram)
K-pop power couple HyunA and DAWN and engagement rings (Images via @hyunah_aa and @diligems/Instagram)

Jewelry brand Diligems shared information of HyunA and DAWN’s engagement rings, the only other buzz factor after the couple’s sudden engagement reveal.

The customized rings showcased a unique charm, unlike anything seen by netizens before. Perfectly in sync with the couple’s extraordinary, hip fashion style, the accessory's beauty charmed its way on the internet.

#Loveisntcheap: HyunA and DAWN's engagement ring designer says the customized rings paid for her annual rent

On February 4, the luxury ring brand Diligems uploaded post-creation photos and an in-the-work photo of HyunA and DAWN’s gorgeous engagement rings. Designer Yueuna Esther Shin also posted a collage of the couple's engagement posts.

The Diligems designer shared details about the customized one, stating that the pair is the only one ever created and will never be duplicated. Apart from the design, the rings' rare design makes them one-of-a-kind.

The post explained the designs of the rings and how DAWN personally visited the studio and they brainstormed for designs. The idol eventually chose an opal and seven diamonds to make the dreamy ring.

The designer also revealed her discomfort with netizens jumping to negative conclusions about the rings.

The designer accessories are not just a favorite for the couple, but also some K-pop stylists. K-pop girl group aespa and soloist Choa were also spotted wearing Diligems during their shoots.

How much do HyunA and DAWN's engagement rings cost?

Diligems' Instagram bio reads, "All pieces handmade with love and magic." The website showcases the luxury brand's rings collection starting from $100 to $300.

The specific Stoned Collection, the only collection that includes gemstones, ranges between $100 to $200. Though the designer didn't disclose the price, they did say that the rings paid for their year's rent.

Considering it's a one-of-a-kind customized love ring, netizens shouldn't be shocked if the cost is revealed to be in the hundreds.

Are DAWN and HyunA still together?

The talented K-pop singer, rapper, and songwriter couple revealed their relationship to the public in 2018, sharing that they have been dating since 2016. They soon became one of the few power couples in K-pop.

After impressive solo releases, they debuted as a unit with the album 1+1=1. The couple recently announced their engagement in a surprise reveal by flexing their multi-gem designer rings on Instagram on February 3, 2022.

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