"They need to shut up and watch the LGBTQ kissing video": Edison High School pride video sparks outrage online 

Edison High School garners backlash after showing kids Pride video (Image via Edison High School)
Edison High School garners backlash after showing kids Pride video (Image via Edison High School)

Huntington Beach, California’s Edison High School has garnered immense backlash online after a video of an educator forcing children to watch a Pride video went viral. The clip was uploaded online yesterday by a student who was secretly taking a video of the classroom occurrence.

The teacher responsible for the viewing was also heard threatening the students who refused to watch the clip. Netizens were outraged by the incident and slammed the educational institution relentlessly. One comment online read:

It was revealed on Reddit that the LGBTQ Pride video was played during a math class. The children appeared uncomfortable while watching the video which showed the rainbow-colored Pride flag and two women kissing. One student was heard asking- “Why are you showing this to kids?”

As the Edison High School students expressed discomfort while watching the video, the unidentified teacher told them that they would have to attend school on Saturday if they refused to watch the video. The teacher said:

“I’ll warn you guys now, if you’re going to be inappropriate, I will have supervision down and give all of you Saturday school.”

It seems like the video was played during class to celebrate Pride Month which takes place in June.

Although it has not been verified, internet users claim that the teacher who played the video was Tiffany Clark.

Netizens respond to the Edison High School viral video

Internet users were shocked by the video. Many wondered why the clip was played during a math class. Several netizens demanded the Edison High School teacher be terminated from her job.

Others found the instance inappropriate and expressed that they prefer homeschooling children so that such situations do not occur. Here are a few reactions to the viral video:

At the time of writing this article, Edison High School had not publicly addressed the viral video that has been circulating across the internet.


As the LGBTQ community celebrates Pride Month, conservatives have done their best in attempting to downplay the movement. Recently, a brawl broke out between pro- and anti-LGBTQ people outside a school board meeting in Southern California.

The organization met to decide whether June should be recognized as Pride Month. 500 people were gathered at the event with some protestors wearing t-shirts that read- “Leave our kids alone.”

50 police officers were deployed at the scene once the fight broke out. Three people were arrested for obstructing officers and unlawfully using pepper spray.

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