"This is my Soul-Nayte": 'The Bachelorette' fans cringe over Michelle Young’s wordplay

Nayte and Michelle Young in 'The Bachelorette' finale (Image via Craig Sjodin/ABC)
Nayte and Michelle Young in 'The Bachelorette' finale (Image via Craig Sjodin/ABC)
Sushmita Sen

The Bachelorette Season 18 is over and the winner has been declared. Michelle Young chose Nayte over Brandon J. to be her soulmate.

After the proposal, Young and Nayte got engaged in the finale episode. The handsome hunk shouted with excitement:

“This is my fiancée.”

And Young responded:

“My Soul-Nayte.”

The internet is pouring congratulations on the lovebirds, however, fans cringed over Young’s wordplay.

Here’s how The Bachelorette fans reacted:

soul-nayte is disgusting #TheBachelorette
No because Michelle been rehearsing that “soul-Nayte” since day one… you not slick sis 😒 #TheBachelorette
Michelle: This is my soul-NayteBachelor Nation:#TheBachelorette
My soul Nayte? Now girl how long you been waiting to say that lolol I can't #TheBachelorette
Nayte is corny as hell but not as corny as Michelle saying, “this is my soul-Nayte” #TheBachelorette
“My soul-Nayte”Ummmm, nope!!!#TheBachelorette
She had that “soul-nayte” planned for weeks 😭😭😭 #TheBachelorette

Brandon was left heartbroken

When Young had to choose between her final two suitors, she picked Nayte. However, she had to reject Brandon’s proposal before this, and that clearly left him heartbroken.

Enamored by his sweet gestures, viewers were rooting for Young and Brandon. Interestingly, the Minnesota teacher gave her heart to Nayte even after confessing her love to Brandon. Apparently, she was in love with both men.

Brandon tried to woo Young up until the end where he gave her a love letter just after she had a date with Nayte. Fans thought Brandon’s last-minute move might manipulate Young’s decision, but it didn’t appear to have that effect.

Even Young’s parents wanted their daughter to choose Brandon as they felt quite comfortable with him and believed he was the better fit for the family.

Nayte went on one knee for 'The Bachelorette'

Young was having second thoughts about Nayte after his meet and greet session with her parents. Her mom and dad found that he was not ready for an engagement. Young also felt that he had not expressed his feelings clearly to her. The fifth-grade teacher even used the words “red flag” when describing Nayte.

But during the pair’s last date on The Bachelorette, they visited a shaman who spiritually pushed the suitor to be vulnerable and asked him to express the emotions he was feeling at the moment to Young.

Later that night, he turned out to be an open book, and she felt really strong about them as a couple.

After she announced her final decision, Nayte went on one knee and proposed to Young. They got engaged on The Bachelorette finale. Only time will tell if the couple stay strong or end up like their predecessors.

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