"This is a warning for things to come": Leave the World Behind apocalypse conspiracy theories erupt amid Obama involvement 

Barack Obama produced movie Leave The World Behind sparks conspiracy theories online (Image via juliaroberts/Instagram)
Barack Obama produced movie Leave The World Behind sparks conspiracy theories online (Image via juliaroberts/Instagram)

Leave The World Behind, the Netflix film produced by Barack Obama, has sparked bizarre conspiracy theories online. Higher Ground Productions, the company owned by Michelle and Barack Obama, released the Julia Roberts and Ethan Hawke movie, which has now seemingly left netizens wary.

Not only has the Sam Esmail-directed film sparked conversation online, but the former president has also garnered backlash for allegedly warning Black people about their fellow Caucasian citizens.

Leave The World Behind is a film based on Rumaan Alam’s novel of the same name. The Netflix special received a score of 75% on Rotten Tomatoes at the time of writing this article. The film focuses on Julia Roberts and Ethan Hawke taking their two children on a holiday in Long Island where mysterious events, such as an internet shutdown (among other things) occur.

Many seemed concerned about the film anticipating a bleak future for humanity. One netizen in particular, user @ShadowofEzra, said on X (formerly known as Twitter):

“The movie shows how a cyberattack caused a major blackout in the United States. This is a warning for things to come. The Obamas are evil. A Dark December.”

Baffling conspiracy theories surface online in wake of Leave The World Behind’s premiere

Following the release of the movie, netizens took to the internet to circulate bizarre theories of the film predicting an apocalypse, global cyberattack, and another world war. X user @EvaVlaar was one among the many netizens who believed that people were being “programmed.” She wrote in her tweet:

“’Leave The World Behind’ is a new Netflix special produced by the Obamas about cyber attacks and a “global communications breakdown.””

She also attached a video that was released by the World Economic Forum that discussed the dangers of a “Covid-like cyber threat.” In the same, a person narrated the dangers of an expected global cyberattack. They revealed that the only way to avoid the same was by disconnecting from devices and the internet which can inevitably lead to an economic collapse.

X user @worryboutwonna also believed that Leave The World Behind was about an apocalypse. While sharing a clip of the movie which was supposedly indicating World War 3, the netizen tweeted:

“It shows the 3 stages needed in order to cause a Civil War to destabilize the Country!! We’re already pass [sic] 1. This is getting scary and absurd.”

Many alleged that not only did the film supposedly predict an “apocalypse,” it also seemingly warned people of Caucasians. Following the release of the film, Barack Obama received some backlash after a scene showed a young woman saying that Caucasian people are not trustworthy.

X user @restoreorderusa shared a post about the same:

Many were quick to point fingers at the former potus as the Leave The World Behind film director, Esmail revealed in an interview with the Vanity Fairy that Obama helped him “a little bit on how things might unfold in reality.”

Barack Obama reportedly gave notes on the character development and the empathy that must be shown in the film.

USA Today revealed that Obama also used his White House experience to suggest which plots of the film might be too unrealistic in reality.


It is worth noting that the theories spreading across the internet are solely speculations.

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