Tokyo Ghoul creator thanks WayV’s YangYang for dressing up as Kaneki Ken for Halloween

WayV's YangYang as Kaneki Ken (Image via Twitter/@SMTOWNGLOBAL)
WayV's YangYang as Kaneki Ken (Image via Twitter/@SMTOWNGLOBAL)

WayV’s YangYang slaying the Tokyo Ghoul’s Kaneki Ken costume for SMTown Wonderland 2021 Halloween party received praise from the original creator, Sui Ishida. On November 2, the Japanese manga artist uploaded a sketch of WayV’s YangYang, thanking him by quote-retweeting the idol’s Halloween costume tweet.

Sui Ishida, Tokyo Ghoul’s creator, posts a sketch of WayV’s YangYang

As K-pop stars turned up in impeccable, detailed outfits for Halloween 2021, SM Entertainment’s SMTown Wonderland took the cake with their event. aespa, Super Junior, NCT, WayV, SHINee, and Red Velvet artists lined up for the event in incredible costumes. WayV’s YangYang dressed up as the popular character Kaneki Ken from the famous manga Tokyo Ghoul.

With his silver-colored hair, black eye-makeup, red contacts and the classic wide-smile mask, YangYang gave a tough competition to other artists. It seems like his flawless outfit didn’t just impress his fans, but also the original character’s creator, Sui Ishida.

The popular Japanese manga artist took to Twitter to share a sketch he made of the artist, thanking him for cosplaying one of his creations. He quote-retweeted SM’s tweet of YangYang’s outfit with the caption, “Thank You #Yangyang” and a pumpkin emoji.

Check out the tweet below:

WayV’s YangYang has expressed his love for Tokyo Ghoul, especially his favorite, Kaneki Ken multiple times. He waited almost two years to cosplay the character and even sketched him, uploading it to his story in 2020.

Fans praised Sui Ishida for thanking the idol, filling the comments with how proud and in love he is with Kaneki Ken. The news soon reached the WayV member, who then re-shared the screenshot on his Instagram story, returning the gratitude with red hearts and a muscle emoji.

WayV's YangYang's Instagram story (Screenshot via Instagram/@yangyan_x2)
WayV's YangYang's Instagram story (Screenshot via Instagram/@yangyan_x2)

Meanwhile, fans sent super supportive messages to Sui Ishida for acknowledging WayV’s YangYang's homage to the character.

@sotonami Omg for realll?!?! Thankyouuu so much for drawing him as well😭🥺💖 he would be happy bcs he waited for like 2 years for cosplay as kaneki ken😭 he always talked to us about kaneki, and finally he did it!
@sotonami Thank you so much for noitced and like Yangyang's Halloween cosplay!!! He waited for almost 2 years to has a chance to be Kaneki - his favourite character. Yangyang should be so much happy when he recieved your gift!!!! Thank you so much and goodnight ❤
@sotonami This is far beyond our expectation! We are so honored to see your fan art. It’s so incredible and we really appreciate it. Thank you for creative such a wonderful work. All credits to Ishida Sui, the creator of tokyo ghoul🙇🏻‍♀️💖
@sotonami こんばんは石田さん!I’m so glad you liked @WayV_official Yangyang’s cosplay, he’ll be so happy to see this. I’m also a big fan of yours so seeing this makes my heart so happy. I love Tokyo Ghoul a lot & I’m looking forward to more chapters of Choujin X. 本当にありがとう 🥺
@sotonami Thank you so much yangyang is going to be happy when he see this drawing
@sotonami Hi! Yangyang draw this too long time ago! He's a big fan of it. Thank you for this! 💚💚💚 I am a big fan of tokyo ghoul too so I'm so happy!!

In other news, WayV’s YangYang and members Hendery and Xiaojun will be seen in an upcoming variety show titled How a Family Is Made. The show has a star-studded line-up with Super Junior’s Yesung, BTOB’s Eunkwang, THE BOYZ’s Hyunjae, AB6IX’s Lee Dae Hwi and others. Co-produced by MBC and Discovery Channel Korea, the show was last reported to premiere sometime in 2021.

Edited by Danyal Arabi
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