Tom Sizemore addiction battle explored as actor remains in coma with 'no further hope' on his condition

Tom Sizemore has given an update on his condition (Image via Robin Marchant/Getty Images)
Tom Sizemore has given an update on his condition (Image via Robin Marchant/Getty Images)

Actor Tom Sizemore has been hospitalized since February 18, 2023, and is now in a coma.

His manager Charles Lago disclosed in a statement that the doctors had a word with his family members about his condition. The doctors had given the family the option of end of life as there is "no further hope" for his recovery.

Lago added that the family is deciding the "end of life matters," and would release another statement about the same on Wednesday.

Trigger warning: This article contains some mentions of addiction and drug use. Discretion is advised.


Lago mentioned on behalf of Sizemore's family that they want privacy for now and expressed his gratitude to the public for their best wishes and support.

Tom Sizemore was found unresponsive inside his residence by an unidentified individual who immediately called for help. His representative revealed at the time that Tom was suffering from a brain aneurysm and was in the ICU.

Lago mentioned that Sizemore's family is aware of his condition and that nothing can be said about his recovery for now.

Tom Sizemore had to struggle with his addiction for a long time

Tom Sizemore fought with his addiction problems for a long time (Image via Tibrina Hobson/Getty Images)
Tom Sizemore fought with his addiction problems for a long time (Image via Tibrina Hobson/Getty Images)

Tom Sizemore has been struggling with his addiction since he was a teen, and while he was on probation in 2005, he failed a few drug tests. In 2007, he was on probation once again. and was also arrested on charges of methamphetamine possession.

He addressed his addiction in an episode of Dr. Phil in April 2013.

That same year, Tom revealed that he was starting to get sober after actor Robert De Niro told him about the impact the addiction problem would have on his life. While speaking to Access Hollywood, Sizemore mentioned that he walked in to see his shrink and saw several people there.

As he sat down, De Niro came in and asked Tom to listen to him even though the former wasn't a psychiatrist. The Godfather star told Sizemore that he had two choices, either to go to rehab or to go to prison. The latter recalled that just as De Niro said that part about prison, a police officer walked in.


While Sizemore didn't talk Robert's words seriously, the latter eventually warned him that he would be put in jail for a year. De Niro also decided to take Sizemore to rehab on his plane.

However, the latter had one condition, that he would go in only after completing the 1995 film, Heat. Recalling the entire event, Sizemore mentioned:

"I did the last scene of Heat and I was supposed to go to rehab right then, but I had my assistant drive my car… and I dove into the backseat of a moving vehicle with my prosthetics on and I drove to the Loews Hotel and I checked in under the name Amiel Gooch, and Bob (De Niro) finally tracked me down over there, and when I knew he was closing in on me, I hung off the balcony."

While Sizemore gave rehab a shot for nearly 10 years, it was his appearance on the third season of VH1's Celebrity Rehab With Dr. Drew in 2010 that helped him. According to a report in The Wrap, Tom Sizemore was called one of the show's biggest successes.

However, that didn't last as long as anyone would have wanted, as he was arrested in January 2019 for misdemeanor drug possession of "various illegal narcotics." His arrest came after his car was pulled over by the Burbank Police department as he was driving with expired registration stickers.

Tom Sizemore has featured in different films and TV shows including Saving Private Ryan, Black Hawk Down, Heat, and Natural Born Killers, among others. However, he is mostly known for his performance as Vincent D’Agosta in the 1997 monster-horror film, The Relic.

He is also the founder of a rock band called Day 8.