TXT’s Soobin trends on Twitter after live streaming for over an hour ft. Huening Kai and Taehyun’s cameos

TXT’s Soobin trends on Twitter for his recent V LIVE (Images via Twitter/@houseof moa, @HUEKAN1SMS)
TXT’s Soobin trends on Twitter for his recent V LIVE (Images via Twitter/@houseof moa, @HUEKAN1SMS)

TXT’s Soobin must have missed MOAs despite wrapping up the ACT: LOVESICK Houston concert just hours before coming on V LIVE. The 21-year-old leader interacted with fans via the live stream for nearly an hour and a half. Fellow members Taehyun and Huening Kai took it up a notch when they dropped in for a cameo too.

Naturally, the TXT leader’s name trended on Twitter as fans discussed the many things he talked about. He updated fans with his K-drama check list My Liberation Notes, praised Taehyun’s discipline, danced to TWICE’s Nayeon’s POP! Challenge and more.

The one-hour-and-21-minute live stream was a fun time that fans enjoyed, as is evident from the idol trending on the micro-blogging site.

TXT’s Soobin holds a solo V LIVE after months, trends on Twitter

On July 18, at midnight US time, TXT’s Soobin gave fans a surprise by switching on V LIVE right after reaching his hotel. The idol shared that he did not remove his makeup, implying that he had planned on hosting a live stream. Hours before, he had stunned fans with his performances and antics on the Smart Financial Center stage in Houston.

At the very beginning of Soobin’s live stream, Taehyun, the most savage member, dropped in for a greeting after exercising. Though he appeared for only a few seconds, he did leave an impact. Fans commented on how cool he was to work out, which led the leader to praise him too.

TXT’s Soobin also talked about the latest K-drama he completed, My Liberation Notes. While he was kind enough not to give spoilers, he couldn’t stop talking about the emotions he felt during the show. He mentioned that it was a “realistic drama” and that he, too, would have made the same decisions as the lead character.

Naturally, fans wondered when the opportunity would dawn and when they would witness Actor Soobin.

That wasn’t all. TXT’s Soobin also mentioned the current extremely popular variety show, The Game Caterers. The show collaborated with HYBE and released the first part of the HYBE special episode featuring the Good Boy Gone Bad group, SEVENTEEN, ENHYPEN, fromis_9, LE SSERAFIM, and soloists Lee Hyun, Baekho and Minhyun.

Soobin mentioned that he didn’ want to attract too much airtime because there were numerous idols with them. He also gave fans a hint, saying that he will be taking the spotlight for the next part but it will be an embarrassing moment.

Meanwhile, Huening Kai also joined the K-drama party. Both Soobin and fans complimented the maknae on his barefaced look as soon as he arrived. He then talked about completing My Mister and then moving on to My Liberation Notes.

The two then talked about experimenting with hairstyles. The maknae then remarked on how effortlessly his "Yeonjun Noona" carried long hair, causing it to trend on Twitter once more.

Meanwhile, TXT are currently on their ACT: LOVESICK world tour. They have three stops in the US remaining after which they will head to Japan and perform on four nights in September. The quintet will then move to Asia in October.

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