WATCH: Footage shows Nylo Lattimore’s father attacking murder suspect inside courtroom

Antonio Hughes was recorded attacking his sons' alleged killer in court on Thursday (images via Ohio State Police Department and Youtube)
Antonio Hughes was recorded attacking his sons' alleged killer in court on Thursday (images via Ohio State Police Department and Youtube)

On Thursday, the father of infant murder victim toddler Nylo Lattimore was recorded attacking the man who allegedly killed his son.

In the video, Antonio Hughes, the father, is seen assaulting DeSean Brown, the 22-year-old charged with killing Nylo Lattimore and his mother Nyteisha. The hearing on Thursday was held to determine whether or not a taped confession to authorities could be used as evidence in the case.

In the footage, Hughes can be seen approaching the defense table and attacking DeSean Brown from behind. Hughes is seen punching him repeatedly until he is restrained by two sheriff's deputies.


While Nyteisha Lattimore's body recovered by authorities near the Purple People Bridge, Nylo's body hasn't yet been found. DeSean Brown is accused of murdering the pair and dumping their bodies in the Ohio River. If convicted, he could face the death penalty.

What happened to Nylo Lattimore

Nylo Lattimore was the 3-year-old child of Antonio Hughes and Nyteisha Lattimore. According to Cincinnati authorities, after the pair separated, Nyteisha began a relationship with DeSean Brown.

Cincinnati authorities stated that Nyteisha had a miscarriage, which angered Brown and thus, he allegedly planned to murder Nytiesha and Nylo Lattimore.

According to Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters, the murder was pre-meditated and allegedly planned over the course of approximately 2 months.

Deters said:

"He planned for a long time to kill her.I don't know what his deal is, but he absolutely planned this thing out for probably up to two months."

Meanwhile, Brown's phone records indicate that he had searched for cleaning products, body bags and bridges in Cincinnati. The body bags, at the same time, were purchased on Ebay.

According to prosecutors, DeSean Brown stabbed Nytiesha Lattimore to death on December 5 in their Walnut Hills apartment. However, he did not remove her body from the crime scene. Brown allegedly took Nylo Lattimore to the Ohio River the next day, where he is reported to have thrown the infant into the water, thus, killing the infant.

On December 5, 2020, the day of Nytiesha Lattimore's death, her online history showed a Facebook post that read:

"I love him forever DeSean Brown."

Later, on December 11, after allegedly having her body in his home for at least five days, Brown reportedly put Nytiesha Lattimore in a body bag. He then took it to Purple People Bridge, where it was recovered on December 12. While Nylo Lattimore's body wasn't recovered, his stroller was found nearby on December 13.

For the assault on DeSean Brown, Antonio Hughes, was ordered to serve 7 days in the Hamilton County Justice Center for contempt of court.

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