WATCH: Video shows 70-year-old innocent bystander getting shot by stray bullet in Brooklyn 

The suspects were in a physical altercation that escalated into a shooting (image via Eyewitness news)
The suspects were in a physical altercation that escalated into a shooting (image via Eyewitness news)

On October 24, a shooting in Brooklyn, New York, left a woman injured from a stray bullet.

On October 26, CBS released footage of the shooting, which took place in the Bedford-Stuyvesant area at approximately 2 pm, as the 70-year-old Brooklyn local was leaving a Food Town Supermarket.

@CrimeInNYC One block away from the cold fries murder.

In the footage, two men can be seen walking along the sidewalk. One of the men is in a red and white jacket, while the other is in a dark jacket and yellow hat. After a brief verbal altercation, the man in the yellow hat chases the one in the red and white jacket, before the latter draws a handgun and fires at him.

The bullet misses the man in the yellow hat, only to hit the 70-year-old victim as she emerged from the supermarket.

Trigger warning: Viewer discretion is advised


In the footage, the victim can be seen walking with her shopping cart before she suddenly stops, having been struck by the bullet. CBS reported that she sustained a gunshot wound to the thigh.

The suspect, who has not been identified, allegedly fled the scene on a blue moped. The case remains under investigation.

Shootings in Brooklyn have become rife recently

According to ABC, in the aftermath of the shooting, one of the unnamed suspects involved in the altercation returned to the scene of the crime.

Brooklyn New York -- Police are investigating after a 70-year-old woman was shot while standing on a street corner in NYC.@GovKathyHochul what happened to gun control and public safety ? ? ?

A bodega worker, who remained anonymous in an interview with ABC reporters, said that the suspect was seen shopping at his bodega just one day after the shooting.

In an interview with 70-year-old Laurice Johnson, the wounded woman's cousin, she told reporters at the New York Post that gun violence was out of control in Brooklyn and other boroughs of the city.

Johnson said:

“Why can’t we have a safe city? Don’t pick up guns, especially when you obviously don’t know how to use it.”

Johnson explained that while violence may have been a regular part of life in Brooklyn when she was younger, firearms were not as easily available, prompting people to settle disputes with brawls.

She said:

“I’m old enough to remember that — when you went to blows, best man won. Just duke it out. If you can’t get it straight by words, throw your little punches."

She added:

“You ain’t killing nobody and you’re certainly not killing a stranger."
PS 177 in Brooklyn says #Enough to gun violence on #WearOrange day.

ABC reported that this year, the Brooklyn neighborhood has reported 22 shootings with 29 victims. New York authorities have requested information from anyone who knows about the recent shooting.

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