WATCH: Video shows burglars breaking into New York Park Avenue’s Cellini Jewelers

Police are looking for robbers who looted a Cellini Jewelers store on Saturday (Images via the New York Police Department)
New York police are looking for robbers who looted a Cellini Jewelers store on Saturday (Images via the New York Police Department)

On Saturday, October 15, 2022, a trio of robbers smashed their way into a Cellini Jewelers store in the 400th block of Park Avenue in Midtown Manhattan. According to the New York Police Department, the robbery resulted in a loss of more than $500,000 in merchandise.

The bold jewelry store heist was caught on camera and surveillance video shows the sledgehammer-wielding trio smash the entrance to the store. The NYPD reported that the robbery took place around 3:30 am on Saturday.

In the video released by authorities, the robbers, in hoods, masks and gloves, can be seen forcing their way through two sets of doorways into the Cellini Jewelers store. In a manner that is straight out of a heist movie, one of them uses a sledgehammer to smash the glass door into bits to gain access to the interior of the store.

Once inside, the robbers, carrying sacks, are seen smashing glass displays and completely plundering the store. Before leaving, they even shattered several glass stands and grabbed some expensive watches.

Later, the robbers left the store and made their way to a getaway car waiting for them. An NYPD spokeswoman said the car was either a gray or silver sedan and was headed east on East 56th Street.

No arrests have been made yet. Anyone with any information on the robbers is urged to get in touch with the New York Police Department's Crime Stoppers hotline at 1-800-577-TIPS (8477).

People can also submit a tip through the Crime Stoppers' website here or via a DM on their Twitter handle here.

Cellini Jewelers suffer a loss of more than $500,000 in merchandise

Cellini Jewelers boasts a catalog worth thousands of dollars. They are known for their expensive pieces like diamond petal earrings worth $12,000 and a Pave diamong oval and bar yellow-diamond gold cuff bracelet worth $17,600.

Additionally, Cellini Jewelers are also known for housing a Girard-Perregaux tourbillon watch that is worth a whopping $172,000. The store's website also lists a vintage diamond bracelet for $865,000.

Saturday's robbery left the business with a gaping hole in their high-end merchandise collection. According to the New York Police Department, the intruders ran off with valuables worth more than $500,000.

In a statement assessing the damage done in the Cellini Jewelers robbery, police said:

"A full inventory of the items removed is pending at this time. The estimated value of the items removed is over $500,000."

The store refused to answer questions or make any comment on the burglary when contacted by media outlets.

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