WATCH: Video shows New Jersey mom collapsing after toddler dies in hot car

Heat death is (Image Via WABC-TV)
This is reportedly the 22nd case of infant heat death this year (Image Via WABC-TV)

On August 30, a WABC News helicopter captured footage of a New Jersey mom's reaction upon learning that her 2-year-old daughter had died from heat stroke after being left in the car in Franklin Township.

In the video, the New Jersey mom can be seen collapsing in a cordoned-off area after she receives the news from officers. As she lies on the ground, shocked, the officers attempt to talk to her.

Trigger warning: Viewer discretion is advised.


As per the New York Post, New Jersey authorities discovered the deceased toddler in the back of the car at 2.20 pm. An autopsy revealed that the child may have been left alone in the car for up to 7 hours. Authorities have not yet ascertained the reason as to why this was the case.

The New Jersey tragedy leaves community shocked

According to NBC New York, the parents only realized their toddler had been left in the car after New Jersey officers informed them.

In an official statement, Prosecutors said that the case is being investigated due to potentail negligence on the parents' part.

The statement read:

"Further investigation is on-going to determine the exact length of time the child was in the vehicle, and the circumstances surrounding the events leading to this incident."

In an interview with NBC, a neighbor, who remained anonymous, described seeing the mother collapse. The neighbor said that the community believed the couple were good parents.

They said:

"They [the girl's parents] were just screaming in pain and anguish. She collapsed to the ground and he went to console her. They're great parents. I've seen them be very loving and doting on their daughters."

Another neighor, Treana Huntley, told WABC:

"They were just screaming in pain and anguish. I heard the dad screaming uncontrollably and then I heard the mom start wailing, really sobbing."

She continued:

"It was gut-wrenching … Just hearing that pain from another mother,” she said. “I wouldn’t wish that on anybody.”

As per NBC New York, Sue Auriemma, a spokesperson for Kids and Car Safety, said that the New Jersey tragedy is the 22nd hot-car death seen this year.

Auriemma said:

“This is the kind of tragedy that doesn’t discriminate. It has to do with a failure of the brain’s memory, in many cases."

She continued:

“Unfortunately the worst mistake a parent can make is thinking this can’t happen to them.”

As per ABC, the case is being investigated by the Somerset County Prosecutors Office. It has not yet confirmed whether criminal charges will be filed against the parents.

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