WATCH: Video shows West Philadelphia thieves fleeing gas station after failed robbery attempt

(image via Philadelphia authorities)
(image via Philadelphia authorities)

On Tuesday, December 20, surveillance cameras in a West Philadelphia gas station recorded 4 men attempting to steal an ATM in a failed robebry.

In the footage of the incident, a Gray Hyundai Elantra and Red Toyota Camry can be seen pulling up to the gas station parking lot, before men in black sweatshirts and trackpants emerge from both cars.

The men proceed to run into the West Philadelphia gas station. While one of the suspects points a pistol at the person manning the counter, the others make an attempt to pull the ATM from its foundation, before kicking it at its base. When the ATM doesn't budge, the men flee the scene in their vehicles.


The case is currently under investigation by authorities.

Robberies in Philadelphia

While the audacious robbery made rounds on social media, the city of Philadelphia is no stranger to violence and high profile crime.

In an interview with Fox 29 Philadelphia, gas station owner Neil Patel commented on how he hired AR-15 armed guards for his gas station due to the high crime rates in the city.

Patel said:

"They are forcing us to hire the security, high-level security, state level. We are tired of this nonsense; robbery, drug trafficking, hanging around, gangs."

As per Philadelphia police statistics, the city has seen 503 homicides in 2022 so far. Axios reported that robberies in which perpetrators used firearms have also gone up 60 percent in the Pennsylvania capital.

In an interview with Axios, John Roman, a senior fellow at NORC in the University of Chicago explained some of the factors that have spiked crime rates in the city.

Roman said that the city cannot handle its violence due to the lack of public sector workers in the post-covid world:

"That's really the thing that's keeping Philadelphia from bouncing back — it just doesn't have the local infrastructure support in government and social services to get it back on track."

Jim Kenney, the Mayor of the city, also said that crime and gun violence is out of control:

“It’s just unfathomable to think how many lives were impacted by gun violence."

Kenney went on to say that the city is experiencing high crime due to the fact that people are not co-operating with the authorities.

He said:

"This is a community problem. It’s not just a police reports problem. It’s not just a prosecution problem. It’s a problem that we need information to take these bad guys off the street. Not to put everybody in jail, just the ones that are willing to pull a trigger and kill someone.”

Kenney also said that crime is particularly concentrated in the Northern and Western parts of the city.

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