"We are running out of stores": Kohl's pride collection for toddlers comes under fire, sparks boycott calls 

Kohl's comes under fire for its Pride collection (Image via Kohl's)

Kohl's is garnering immense heat online following the release of their Pride collection. As the LGBTQ Pride Month comes in June, several brands have created their own designs to showcase their support for the community. However, the same has not been appreciated by certain sections of their customer base.

The department retail chain is the latest organization to receive backlash for selling Pride merchandise to children. Several netizens, including popular Twitter page End Wokeness, revealed that Kohl's had released their own Pride collection. The same included several objects, including a throw blanket, baseball caps, candles, adult t-shirts, and water bottles.

The retail chain also released a bodysuit set for children, which was called the “Baby Sonoma Community Pride Bodysuit Set.” The outfit included a bodysuit which showcased a family that seemed to consist of two lesbian mothers and their children, and also included a child in a wheelchair. One of the animated characters on the bodysuit waved the Pride flag. The bodysuit set also included a colourful striped pyjama bottom.

The clothing items were on sale at the time of writing this article and were being sold for $9.99.

Kohl’s has also released a bib by Bioworld that reads “Proud of my family.” The discount item, which was being sold for $11, included the LGBTQ community’s signature rainbow and colourful stripes.

In response to the viral Kohl'’s Pride collection, one netizen said in a video:

“This entire Pride collection... the boycotting Target has never had anything to do with the LGBTQ in general. It has never had to do with gay people. It has never had to do with Pride month. It is the fact that it is being shoved in Americans faces. It has to do with the fact that it’s targeting children. It has always been about targeting children. Why do babies need a onesie, a baby onesie with a Pride flag on it? They don’t. It is blatant virtue signalling. And it is not okay what our universe to signal to children in the transgender movement. It is disgusting.”

In response to Kohl’s collection, another netizen said in a tweet:

Netizens react to viral Kohl's Pride collection

Internet users were infuriated with the American retail corporation for selling Pride merchandise to children. Many announced that they would boycott Kohl's and accused the brand of attempting to groom children. A few reactions read:

At the time of writing this article, Kohl's had not responded to the backlash they had garnered.

Kohl’s is not the only retail giant to garner backlash for selling Pride clothing to children. Target also came under fire after a netizen claimed that they were selling “tuck-friendly” bathing suits to children which would allow those youngsters who have not gotten any gender-affirming surgery done to tuck their male genitalia.


Many were quick to boycott the brand online. Target also trended online for days together. However, it was later fact checked that the company was not selling tuck-friends bathing suits to children. They were created for adults in reality.

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