Who is Abprallenuk? Target’s Pride Collection designer’s Satanic beliefs leaves netizens outraged 

Target's Pride Collection designer's Satanic beliefs leaves netizens enraged (Image via abprallenuk/Instagram and OliLondonTV/Twitter)

Target has been consistently getting flack for its Pride Collection. Most recently, the retail corporation came under fire for selling “tuck-friendly” wear for children. Their rainbow-coloured onesies and t-shirts with slogans like- “Girls Gays Theys,” “Pride Adult Drag Queen ‘Katya’,” and “Trans people will always exist!” left conservatives enraged. Most recently, one of the designers behind the controversial collection was exposed on the internet for being a Satanist, which left netizens mortified.

This year, Target kept their signature Pride Month message as “Live Laugh Lesbian.” The mantra found itself on pink crop tops in the collection. Other items in the collection included a coffee mug that read- “gender fluid,” rainbow themed outfits for pets, a jumpsuit that unreservedly says “GAY” and even a Drag Queen Bird Decorative Figurine among other items.

The Pride Collection certainly comes at a politically turbulent time. With Florida passing several anti-LGBTQ bills and conservatives dissenting against “woke” LGBTQ advertisement campaigns like that of Bud Light’s and Miller Lite’s, Target boldly supports the queer community.

Most recently, popular conservative commentator Oli London took to Twitter to expose the retail corporation for hiring a Satanist to design their Pride Collection. Education activist Scarlett Johnson also criticized the organization for the same.

Who is Target’s Satanist designer? Everything to know about Abprallenuk

Target hired designer Abprallen, whose real name is Erik C to create the latest Pride Collection as per Johnson and London. According to his website, Abprallen is based on London. However, he has worked on several projects worldwide. He revealed that he created his brand with a £500 “fundraising donation” from his loved once. Speaking about his beliefs, he revealed:

“As a gay trans man it can be hard to find a place in this world that suits you, so I carved out my own and learned just how many people out there are like me. I get to speak with people all over the world, from so many unique and beautiful backgrounds, and I hope I incorporate some of our stories into my work.”

Abprallen’s signature design includes pastel art that is juxtaposed with “skulls and spooky things.”

Netizens were concerned when they learned about his Satanic beliefs. In one of his Instagram posts he wrote:

“Satan loves you and respects who you are; you’re important and valuable in this world and you deserve to treat yourself with love and respect. LGBT+ people are so often referred to as being a product of Satan or going against God’s will, so find. We’ll hang with Satan instead.”

Abprallen went on to opine that practising Satanism does not mean that you believe in the immortal figure. He stated that it is simply a “symbol of passion, pride and liberty.” He went on to add that for him “Satan is hope, compassion, equality, and love.”

Speaking about his collaboration with Target, he revealed on Instagram:

“I wanted to create a range that would embrace younger me and tell him that who he is more than OK, that being trans is special and wonderful and that the closet is not made for him to thrive in.”

He went on to say that he is well aware of transphobic people being against his Target collection. Erik then said that he feels like “quite the celebrity.”

It is important to note that not all of the items available in Target’s Pride Collection is designed by Abprallen. He designed a portion of the collection which includes pastel tote bags, sweatshirts and pins among others.

Abprallen has amassed over 25.3K followers on Instagram where he mostly shares his creative work.


Netizens opine on Abprallen’s Satanic beliefs

Internet users were outraged by the designer’s Satanic faith. Many could not believe that he designed a portion of Target’s controversial Pride collection. Several netizens claimed that they were boycotting Target. A few comments online read:

The retail organization has garnered backlash for supporting the queer community at the same time as Adidas’ swimsuit controversy.

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