"Go woke go broke": Dylan Mulvaney Bud Light beer controversy explained as boycott calls erupt 

Dylan Mulvaney
Dylan Mulvaney's Bud Light ambassadorship garners backlash (Image via dylanmulvaney/Instagram)

TikToker and trans activist Dylan Mulvaney has become the topic of conversation online after Bud Light announced that she is their latest spokesperson. The duo collaborated to celebrate the influencer’s “365 days of Girlhood milestone.”

Initially, several netizens assumed that the announcement was an April Fool’s Day joke. However, once they were convinced that it was very much real, many began boycotting the brand online. The internet sensation had not commented on the backlash at the time of writing this article.

On Saturday, Dylan Mulvaney took to her official Instagram account and announced that Bud Light had sent her packs of their beer to celebrate the latest milestone. While sharing her confusion over March Madness, the 26-year-old expressed in her caption:

“Just found out this had to do with sports and not just saying it’s a crazy month! In celebration of this sports thing @budlight is giving you the chance to win $15,000! Share a video with #EasyCarryContest for a chance to win!! Good luck!”

The influencer also said in the video:

“This month I celebrated my day 365 of womanhood, and Bud Light sent me possibly the best gift ever- a can with my face on it.”

In another advertisement for the partnership, Dylan Mulvaney was seen drinking the beer in a bathtub.

Reacting to the TikToker being one of the company’s ambassadors, a netizen commented:

Netizens respond to Dylan Mulvaney’s collaboration with beer giant Bud Light

Internet users were far from pleased with Dylan Mulvaney’s latest brand ambassadorship. Many attacked the company for choosing her as their spokesperson. Several netizens announced that they would boycott the brand.

This is not the only brand that the San Diego-native has collaborated with. She has also struck deals with Ulta Beauty, Crest, EOS, CeraVe, Native, Kitchen Aid, and Instacart, among others.

Most recently, the social media personality sparked debate after Kate Spade joined forces with her. In a promotional video, Mulvaney was seen shopping around one of the brand’s outlets. She was seen swooning over one of Kate Spade's white mini purses as she wore a pink dress. Mulvaney said in the promotional video:

“And honestly, I think I’m gonna wear this out of the store. So, happy spring!”

Netizens were enraged by the collaboration and slammed the company for having the trans activist as one of their ambassadors.

Who is Dylan Mulvaney?

Dylan Mulvaney went viral on TikTok during the pandemic. She recorded her transition on the video-sharing platform with which she amassed a massive following online. Despite starting off her transition just a year ago, she revealed in interviews that her mother was aware that she was transgender since she was four.

Mulvaney studied at Cincinnati’s College-Conservatory of Music. She graduated in 2019.


The social media personality went viral online with her series titled, Days of Girlhood Series.

Since then, she has interviewed President Joe Biden. The two discussed the increase in anti-trans legislation being passed. She has also appeared in several day-time interviews.

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