Exploring Twitch streamer Adin Ross's revenue as he accidentally leaks massive $2 million sponsor earnings on stream 

Captioned: "When you get your taste they get sour" Image via Instagram/adinross
Captioned: "When you get your taste they get sour" Image via Instagram/adinross

Adin Ross accidentally shared some private information regarding his latest sponsor earnings on June 9th. During his "Just Chatting" stream, he disclosed a private message between himself and Duelbits regarding earning amounts for his gambling streams.

While Ross tried to right his mistake, the stream was already clipped by pangea2, and it accrued 65 thousand views on Twitch. Many are now speculating how much the streamer is earning.

The conversation depicted below shows Adin Ross disclosing that Roobet, taglined as "Crypto's fastest growing casino," was "covering expenses," and they were "getting more." Roobet also offered Ross a referral code.

Duelbits then responded with "you kept all your referral code money as a group" before disputing that they offered 1.6m. There is no clear distinction on whether the amounts are monthly or annually.

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Adin Ross's Success

Adin Ross quickly became a big name on Twitch after streaming Grand Theft Auto and NBA 2K in 2019. He soon gained a massive number of viewers by doing wager matches with other streamers and YouTubers. Adin Ross also has a YouTube channel with 1.28 million subscribers.

He describes himself as an "entertainer." Adin Ross's Twitch channel has gained four million followers and 69 thousand viewers, with the most viewers at a time being 130,000. Along with his sponsorships, viewing his Twitch streams requires subscriptions. His subscriptions start at $4.99 and top off at $24.99 per month.

In January 2021, Ross released his own Grand Theft Auto server that has since hosted Travis Scott and Nav. Ross was also previously associated with Corinna Kopf.

He now lives in a house with Ricegum, FaZe Banks, and Mike Maljak to further enhance his streaming career.

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Ross's "Just Chatting" stream was spent searching Discord, looking for his friend Bronny, Lebron James's son. Adin Ross has not commented since his accidental leak. There have been no moves to delete the clip from his Twitch channel.

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