What does Banana and Sprite do to you? How it works, reaction, and all about the viral challenge

The banana and Sprite challenge goes viral. Users warned. (image via Jordache & Sunil Chitolic)
People warned against viral banana and Sprite challenge (image via Jordache & Sunil Chitolic)

A new bizarre trend with bananas and Sprite has taken over the internet. Since trends are how social media influencers stay relevant, once a new trend hits social media, influencers end up trying to attempt it.

The latest banana and Sprite challenge has participants eating two bananas and immediately after that, chugging a bottle of the popular aerated drink. The result of this combination is rather unsettling, as a number of the challenge-takers have ended up vominiting.

Several YouTube influencers are seen participating in the challenge (image via YouTube)
Several YouTube influencers are seen participating in the challenge (image via YouTube)

The challenge was undertaken by a number of influencers but was first uploaded on YouTube by iShowSpeed, whose real name is Darren Watkins Jr. He is a gaming influencer, hip-hop musician, and a variety live-streamer from Cincinnati, Ohio. Although he is still in high school, the YouTuber has over 3.37 million subscribers on YouTube.

The 17-year-old attempted the challenge on a live stream and later uploaded the same to YouTube. The video has already gained over 930,000 views.


By the end of the challenge, the streamer was so sick that he had to call 911 to assist him, complaining about digestive tract issues.

What happens if you chug Sprite right after eating bananas?

The challenge seems simple as you only have to eat two bananas and then drink a can (33 oz or 1 liter) of the fizzy soda. Bananas are a great source of potassium with a high fiber and anti-oxidant content. Meanwhile, the lime and lemon-flavored aerated drink is also a well-loved drink, especially when consumed on a hot summer day.

However, problems arise when the two are consumed together. The reaction that takes place in your body after consuming the two consecutively induces vomiting.

Of the several people who participated in the trend, only a few vomited as they add a time limit to the challenge.

The challenge is elevated by added a time limit (image by istock)
The challenge is elevated by added a time limit (image by istock)

Since bananas contain protein, and Sprite has carbon-dioxide, mixing the two with stomach acid, causes reflux. The influx cannot be contained in the stomach as it exceeds 500 ml, the capacity of an average stomach. This leads to the person who has consumed the mixture to vomit.

This then leads to the question of influx not happening when a person consumes aerated beverages with steaks or burgers.

There are two reasons behind this. The first one is that the consumption of carbonated drinks and proteins is usually paced as opposed to this challenge. This gives the stomach plenty of time to process and settle. While there is some uneasiness following this as well, it is usually okay after a burp.

The other reason is that two bananas are usually enough to fill the whole stomach. So when Sprite is added, pressure builds, foam is formed, and the lower esophageal sphincter can no longer keep everything in the stomach. Hence, the purging.

So in reality, it doesn't have to just be bananas and Sprite. It can be enough of any protein, immediately followed by a carbonated drink.

This challenge is similar to that of the infamous Mentos and Coke challenge. Although no deaths have been associated with the challenge, it could pose a risk to those susceptible to stomach problems and cause damage to those attempting it and others around.

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