What is the TikTok Lug Nut challenge? Dangerous trend slammed as illogical and life-threatening 

Dangerous TikTok Lug Nut Challenge takes over the video-sharing platform (Image via YouTube)
Dangerous TikTok Lug Nut Challenge takes over the video-sharing platform (Image via YouTube)

TikTok cannot get enough of the bizarre challenges, the latest being the "Lug Nut Challenge," which is not worth the shot. The dangerous trend has taken over the video-sharing platform following the infamous ‘devious lick’ and ‘slap a teacher challenge.’ Neither of the aforementioned trends are fun but they have unfortunately become very popular the internet.

Though several popular TikTok content creators have taken part in the trend, many netizens have endlessly requested TikTok users not to join the madness.

The latest trend titled the "Lug Nut Challenge," encourages people to loosen lug nuts from vehicles and attempt to drive them to observe the consequences. The only condition to participate in the said challenge is that the vehicle that they use must not belong to the person carrying out the challenge. A stranger’s car would be preferred to participate in the TikTok trend.

How did the "Lug Nut Challenge" arise?

The original creator of the trend has not been discovered. As one participates in the dangerous stunt, they must be aware that loosening a car’s lug nut can lead to the tire separating from the vehicle. This would mean that the person driving the car, who is not aware of the lug nuts being separated from the vehicle, could suffer life-threatening accidents.

The operations manager of Chicopee Interstate Towing said:

“This is not a joke; people can get seriously hurt or die. If a tire comes off and you're driving at a highway speed, bad things could happen. Somebody could hit a tree. Someone could hit a telephone pole, become maimed or fatally injured, and it wouldn't be good.”

Reacting to the latest trend, some tweets included:

Aside from the dangerous consequences, it is worth mentioning that the "Lug Nut challenge" is illegal in several states. Those who take part in the trend will have to pay the car owners for the caused damages and can also face criminal charges, including murder or a serious injuries lawsuit.

Edited by Prem Deshpande