"You will be arrested": Bizarre 'devious lick' TikTok trend of stealing random items from school slammed by authorities 

Devious lick trend takes over TikTok (Image via Sportskeeda and TikTok)
Devious lick trend takes over TikTok (Image via Sportskeeda and TikTok)

Just as one TikTok trend gets banned from the platform, another problematic one arises. The latest challenge sweeping over several schools in the States is the 'devious lick' challenge where students can be seen stealing school property and other objects without the administration noticing.

The 'devious lick' videos posted on the platform often receive close to a million views, and students can be seen stealing everything from printers to car doors.

School officials announce arresting students taking part in the TikTok trend

In September 2021, TikTok user dtx.2cent uploaded a video of themselves pulling out a hand sanitizer dispenser from their backpack which was originally stolen from school. The text over the screen read “only a month into school and got this absolute devious lick.”

This was the beginning of the infamous TikTok trend. The video has now garnered over 11 million views. Students now attempt to steal things from their campus and upload the videos to the same audio created by minttea.

A video went on to be uploaded to TikTok by a student recording their school’s announcement regarding the ongoing trend. A school official announced that those taking part in the trend would be arrested and held responsible for the monetary damages which would have been caused.

In the video, it can also be heard that those who took part in the 'devious lick' challenge had stolen soap from the student’s bathroom as well. A school official was heard saying:


Although many teenagers across the country have been taking part in the trend and their videos often amass large amounts of views, many netizens have called it out for not being funny. Some reactions included:

As the trend continues to grow online, a student allegedly kidnapped the principal to take part in the 'devious lick' challenge.

TikTok has not released a statement in relation to the ongoing trend disrupting schools as of now.

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