What happened to Isaiah Henriquez and Luis Alvarenga? Search for missing Long island Men intensifies

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On Friday, May 5, police in Suffolk County announced that Long Island residents Isaiah Henriquez, 20, and Luis Alvarenga, 27, had both gone missing within 48 hours of each other. While authorities said the cases are not connected, both men disappeared after visiting an Indian Reservation in Long Island. This led authorities to believe there may be suspicious activity within the area.

According to World News Era, Isaiah Henriquez, from West Babylon, was last seen at the Poospatuck Reservation in Mastic on April 8. Luis Alvarenga was last seen at the same location on April 10. Authorities have not identified any suspects nor said whether or not foul play was involved in the incident.

Timeline of the disappearances of Isaiah Henriquez and Luis Alvarenga

According to the New York Post, Isaiah Henriquez's mother, who identified herself only as Diana, said that the Poospatuck Reservation was known for having several parties. She also claimed that many people would visit the Long Island Reservation to purchase narcotics.

Diana said that Isaiah Henriquez was last seen after being dropped off at the Reservation at 7:30. Afterwards, he went to the nearby town of Brentwood for a party. He apparently told partygoers that he would go somewhere and then return. Afterward, his phone showed no signs of activity. Diana said:

“Apparently he has gone there in the past to buy weed or cigarettes. He doesn’t smoke cigarettes so it would be weed, but I don’t know why he would go so far to buy it because it’s legal now in New York."

She continued:

“I don’t know if he smoked something and it was laced with something and he was laid somewhere (...) I have all these crazy thoughts going through a man that I try not to think about.”

The next morning, Diana reported the victim missing. Two days later, Luis Alvarenga went to the Reservation for undisclosed reasons. He was similarly never seen leaving the area. While officials have not identified any suspects, Diana fears that the disappearances may be interlinked and related to gang-related issues. She said that the area is known for fostering illegal elements. Diana added that she has not revealed her identity as she fears for her safety.

She said:

“I know that he loves me very much (...) He wouldn’t do this to me unless it was against his will. He wouldn’t have me worrying for — tomorrow it will be four weeks. I’ve never gotten more than one day without speaking to my son.”

Authorities said that neither Isaiah Henriquez nor Luis Alvarenga know each other. They have also not established whether or not the men had any mutual connections on the Reservation or otherwise.

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