What happened to Mary Anderson? Missing Massachusetts woman found dead as person-of-interest is fatally shot by police

Anderson was found dead in her truck with a gunshot wound in the head (Image via GoFundMe/VSP)
Anderson was found dead in her truck with a gunshot wound in the head (Image via GoFundMe/VSP)

A Harvard woman identified as Mary Anderson, 23, was found dead in her truck in Vermont early Tuesday, July 19, morning after being reported missing last week. The victim was shot in the head, as per the autopsy report. The news left her family shocked and filled them with grief after authorities confirmed that the dead body in the truck was indeed Mary's.

A statement released by the Vermont State Police confirmed her death to be a homicide.

Mary Anderson has been located deceased inside of her vehicle in Brattleboro, Vermont. Police are looking for her former boyfriend, Matthew Davis (34) who may have information relevant to the investigation.

Her ex-boyfriend, Matthew Davis, 34, was considered a person of interest in the case of her disappearance and death. On Tuesday, July 19, police shot the suspect during a confrontation in West Brattleboro, Vermont. He was armed with a knife during the encounter, according to the police.

Before she was found dead in her truck, Mary Anderson's friends and family had been concerned about whether she was with her ex-boyfriend.

Mary Anderson was "athletic, loving, beautiful," says mother Sheila Anderson

Following the confirmation of Mary Anderson's death, a vigil was held for the 23-year-old. Speaking to a news station, her mother Sheila Anderson said:

"Mary was very strong-headed, athletic, loving, beautiful. She was just a beautiful daughter."

The family grew concerned after Mary Anderson did not return home. Her mother told the station that her daughter was visiting a friend in Hudson, New Hampshire.

1/2 Heartbreaking Update ‼️💔Friends & family are posting that #MaryAnderson was #located deceased. Local news reporting:“The body of a woman was found early Tuesday morning in Brattleboro, Vermont, & her death appears to be suspicious, police said.”

Sheila said:

"We're a very tight-knit family. Mary would never leave us as a family hanging. We're very respectful of each other. My daughter said, 'You know, Mary hasn't come home, mom,' and Mary always comes home. She sleeps at home, and that was kind of like the first flag."

The family wondered if Mary Anderson was with her ex-boyfriend, Matthew Davis. Reportedly, the pair did not have a healthy break-up back in 2021.

Speaking about the duo's relationship, Sheila said:

"I know when they broke up it was a rough break up. He didn't want it and I know that Mary told me that he was texting her to try to get back together. I just know that Matt had anger issues and I knew that through Mary."

Mary's body was found in her pickup truck about 70 miles away from Harvard.

Massachusetts | Sheila Anderson said she believes her daughter Mary Anderson was “abducted.”She found a backpack and other “personal belongings” behind a tree at her daughters home, and gave to the police. She also said a Subaru was found near the property.

At a press conference, the Vermont State Police revealed that it was not known how long Mary's body had been in the truck.

A person of interest in the matter, Davis, was found walking in a wooded area by the police. The three responding officers who fired their weapons at him say that he had a knife on him, as per a press release by Vermont Police. Authorities tried to revive Davis, but they could not save him.

Officials continue to investigate Mary Anderson's death and the killing of Davis.

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