Thai authorities launch investigation into BLACKPINK Lisa's Chivas campaign

Chivas Regal featuring BLACKPINK's Lisa (Image via Chivas Regal)
Chivas Regal featuring BLACKPINK's Lisa (Image via Chivas Regal)

BLACKPINK's Lisa's latest Chivas campaign is stuck in controversy as Thai officials launch investigations against the I Rise, We Rise campaign. The advertisement is under investigation as it displays overt consumption of alcohol.

Being a Buddhist nation, Thailand prohibits advertising alcohol on all media platforms. Article 32 of Thailand's Liquor Control Act prohibits alcohol promotion. This includes showcasing alcohol in any form, depicting alcohol brands, and encouraging alcohol consumption in any form.

BLACKPINK's Lisa holding a Chivas bottle (Image via Chivas Regal)
BLACKPINK's Lisa holding a Chivas bottle (Image via Chivas Regal)

The Chivas campaign featuring Lisa explicitly shows alcohol and its brand.

What is the issue with BLACKPINK Lisa's Chivas advertisement?

Chivas Regal ft. BLACKPINK Lisa (Image via Chivas Regal)
Chivas Regal ft. BLACKPINK Lisa (Image via Chivas Regal)

According to the Bangkok Post and Nation, on March 17, 2022, Thailand's Ministry of Health's Centers for Disease Control and Prevention requested the Alcohol Control Committee (OACC) to investigate the advertisement's contents. At this point, the campaign was gaining popularity and attention via the internet and social media.

Authorities launched this investigation based on the online distribution and circulation of photos and videos regarding this alcohol-based advertisement.

According to the Nation, the OACC contests that her advertisement may have broken the country's law. But many defended BLACKPINK's Lisa. They highlight that by just featuring in the advertisement, Lisa is not breaking any law.

As it is widespread online, they feel it is better to understand the campaign's content as it reaches many impressionable minds.

Social media reactions to BLACKPINK Lisa and her Chivas campaign

BLACKPINK Lisa, Image via Chivas Regal
BLACKPINK Lisa, Image via Chivas Regal

Chivas Regal's I Rise, We Rise campaign featuring BLACKPINK's Lisa has generated a considerable amount of online popularity. The main aim of the campaign was to connect with a young audience. It endeavors to motivate viewers to see where hard work and dedication can take them.

Netizens showed a lot of support for Lisa's new collaboration. Some of them even shared the video advertisement.

Another netizens highlighted the similarities between the campaign set and popular K-drama, What Happened to Secretary Kim.

To show their support, one netizen shared the fan art of the young artist in her latest campaign avatar.

With the latest controversy, one netizen pointed out how the blame for this situation is not on Lisa.

A few netizens showed their support by posting or highlighting the young artist's success.

Despite all the backlash, netizens and BLINKS continue to show their love and support for BLACKPINK and Lisa.

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