What happened to Parker League? Missing Gretna teen found dead in Arizona bonfire pit

The body of Parker League has been discovered in the Tonto National Park, (Image via sparrow/Twitter)
The body of Parker League has been discovered in the Tonto National Park, (Image via sparrow/Twitter)

The body of an 18-year-old, later identified as Parker League, was discovered burning in a fire pit in the Tonto National Park on June 12, 2023. League was reported missing on June 15 by his father. Authorities later discovered his belongings at his residence in Tempe, and have ruled his death as being malicious.

Following the discovery, local people stated noticing suspicious activities near the area where Parker League’s remains were recovered. A nearby resident revealed that needles were also found near League’s body.

League's death is being investigated as a homicide.


"Not something we want to see happening here": Locals express concern as Parker League's body is discovered

Parker League was a student at Gretna High School, and authorities confirmed that he graduated in the spring.

Law enforcement officials are yet to reveal additional information about League’s disappearance and his eventual death. Cops further confirmed that his last known location was believed to be at his residence in Tempe. They are still trying to figure out how his body ended up in that burning pit in the middle of the desert.

Authorities confirmed that they have collected all sorts of DNA evidence from the crime site, and any possible remnants of any kind of blunt force trauma. According to former Phoenix Police Department Sgt. Troy Hillman, the location of the bonfire could hint at the "potential suspects as being potentially familiar with that area and/or wanting to have some sort of solitude to commit the heinous act.”

Residents have shown concerns regarding the increasing crime rates in nearby areas. A local, identified as Amber Kunau, said that the entire situation is "really scary and really sad, and it’s hard to feel safe.”

Sharon Allison-Brown also spoke about there being needles and other paraphernalia lying around the scene of the crime:

“[There were needles and] all kinds of stuff laying around, which the neighborhood was tired of.”

Another resident, Eric Gall, expressed their concern on the matter by saying:

“It’s not something we want to see happening out here, so it would be nice to know who is responsible so it doesn’t happen again.”

The victim’s older brother confirmed that League went to Tempe to meet his friends


Hunter League, the victim’s brother recalled getting a call from his father about Parker's disappearance:

“It’s hard to accept because he was the nicest kid in the world. I got a call from my dad telling me to come home. I asked him ‘why’ about three times and the third time he tried to explain it, he just started breaking down.”

Hunter was two years older than the victim and also described him as his best friend. He further confirmed that the victim was going to Tempe to visit his friends, adding:

“I knew he had a place to stay; I knew he got there. We texted… that’s about it.”

Law enforcement officials are currently investigating the mysterious disappearance and death of Parker League.

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Edited by Upasya Bhowal
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