What happened to Pedro Henrique? Vaccine conspiracy theories erupt as Brazilian singer collapses and dies on stage 

Pedro Henrique  (Image via Pedro Henrique/Facebook)
Pedro Henrique (Image via Pedro Henrique/Facebook)

30-year-old Brazilian gospel singer Pedro Henrique died after collapsing on stage while performing at a religious event in Bahia, Brazil, on December 13, 2023. A 36-second clip floating around the internet showed the moment Pedro Henrique collapsed on stage while performing one of his songs Vai Ser Tão Lindo.

The video documenting his sudden death has sparked wild vaccine conspiracy theories online. Meanwhile, multiple reports citing the singer’s label, Todah Music, announced Pedro Henrique, who was rushed to a hospital after the collapse and later pronounced dead, suffered a massive heart attack.

His record label Todah Music also released a statement celebrating Henrique's legacy that they said “will remain through his wife, his little daughter Zoe and so many lives that were and will be reached by Christ through the records of his voice!"

Gospel singer Pedro Henrique's sudden death sparks divided reactions online

The gospel community is mourning the sudden passing of beloved Brazilian singer Pedro Henrique, who died after collapsing onstage during a performance earlier this week. While The singer’s label, Todah Music, attributed the 30-year-old’s death to a heart attack, the tragedy documented on film has sparked unfounded vaccine conspiracy theories.

Many believe that the heart attack was triggered by adverse side effects of a vaccine jab, although there is no evidence to substantiate the unfounded claims.

However, the lack of concrete evidence did not stop social media users from criticizing São Paulo Governor João Dória, who declared that vaccination would be mandatory in his state in October 2020.

“LULA wants to suppress the truth about COVID-19 vaccines in Brazil. The President of the Republic intends to criminalize official information about the COVID-19 vaccine, in a clear effort to silence critical voices,” a social media user Paladin posted on X formerly Twitter.

It is important to note vaccine was declared mandatory only in the state of São Paulo in Brazil. Another suggested that big pharma should be sued and incarcerated over the deaths.

“We need a class-action lawsuit against Pfizer, Moderna, Fauci, and all the totalitarians who forced us to get this vaccine. Fines and prison time.”

Several others concurred with the posts attributing that death to a vaccine jab.

However, many indicated that there is no evidence to support the baseless claims as it is unclear if Pedro Henrique was even vaccinated.

"Before we jump to conclusions, it should be made public whether he was vaxxed or not," the user posted after being unable to verify if Henrique was vaccinated after Covid.

While several netizens continued to debate about the singer’s cause of death, several others mourned his sudden passing.

The gospel singer Pedro Henrique launched his career on YouTube and released his debut album, Grande é o Senhor, in 2017. In 2018, he married his wife Suillan Barreto. The couple reportedly welcomed their first child, Zoe, in mid-October, 2023. The singer is survived by his wife and baby daughter.

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