What happened to Sarah Tomlinson? Tributes pour in as beloved ABC radio star passes away

Sarah Tomlinson died on Tuesday (Image via lormsbywilliams/Twitter)
Sarah Tomlinson died on Tuesday (Image via lormsbywilliams/Twitter)

ABC radio star Sarah Tomlinson passed away on November 8, 2022, from a severe anaphylactic shock. Before her death, Tomlinson fell ill and was on leave at the time.

Her friends expressed their grief, calling her generous and passionate about her work. ABC journalist Christopher Testa stated that Sarah could joke and pun in any situation. ARN presenter Jennie Lenman said that Tomlinson was calm, rational and kind. She also tweeted about the latter's death.

According to ABC journalist Tyrone Dalton, Sarah Tomlinson was in love with her craft and shared her passion with several people. Australian environment Minister Tanya Plibersek said that Sarah was hardworking, smart, generous, and passionate about community radio.

What is anaphylaxis? Sarah Tomlinson's cause of death explored

Sarah Tomlinson died from anaphylaxis, a fatal and life-threatening allergic reaction. It occurs in a few seconds or minutes when someone is exposed to anything allergic like peanuts or bee stings.

The problem causes the immune system to release chemicals, causing someone to go into shock. There is also a drop in blood pressure and the airways become narrow, making it difficult to breathe. Common signs and symptoms include rapid and weak pulses, skin rashes, nausea, and vomiting.

Sarah Tomlinson died from anaphylaxis (Image via MortyAUS/Twitter)
Sarah Tomlinson died from anaphylaxis (Image via MortyAUS/Twitter)

It is caused mostly by food, medication, insect venom, and latex. The symptoms occur a few minutes after being exposed to an allergen. Sometimes it can take half an hour or more and could be delayed by several hours.

The risk factors for the disease remain unknown, but it can happen to someone who has already had anaphylaxis once. It is also common in those who have allergies or asthma alongside those who have heart disease and an irregular accumulation of a type of white blood cells.


Anaphylaxis can be prevented by wearing a medical alert necklace or bracelet, which will indicate if someone is allergic to any drugs or substances. Those who are allergic to stinging injects can wear long-sleeved clothes and avoid walking barefoot on grass, wearing bright colors, using colognes or scented lotions, and drinking open soda cans outdoors.

Netizens pay tribute on Twitter

Sarah Tomlinson gained recognition all these years for her work in the radio industry. Twitter was flooded with tributes when people heard about her demise.

Sarah started her career as a broadcaster when she was 14 years old and spent several years in community radio. She then joined ABC and presented music, current affairs, and emergency coverage and was a radio trainer and lecturer from Adelaide.

She was interested in cooking, reading, theater, music, and arts. She was also passionate about supporting her local community. She hosted Mornings and Regional Drive for ABC South Australia and Broken Hill for a long time.

Tomlinson's survivors include her family members, whose identities are yet to be disclosed.

Edited by Madhur Dave
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