What does Hawk Tuah mean? Viral TikTok video girl craze explained 

Viral "Hawk Tuah" TikTok meme explained. (Image via Instagram/@timanddeetv)
Viral "Hawk Tuah" TikTok meme explained (Image via Instagram/@timanddeetv)

The phrase “Hawk Tuah” on TikTok has become a trend, and was used as an onomatopoeia for the sound a person makes while spitting.

It started off as a viral sensation after YouTubers Tim & Dee TV posted an Instagram reel on June 11. The YouTubers make content by asking questions to strangers they come across on the street. During one such Q&A session where they interviewed two women in Nashville, Tennessee, DeArius Marlow aka Dee asked them a slightly NSFW question:

"What’s one move in bed that makes a man go crazy every time?"

One of the women immediately answered in her Southern accent and laughed:

"Oh, you gotta give him that 'hawk tuah' and spit on that thing, you get me?"

Despite the mild NSFW nature of the answer, the woman's playful tonal stress on the onomatopoeia soon caught the attention of social media users.

Viral "Hawk Tuah" girl prompts hilarious memefest online

Tim & Dee's "Hawk Tuah" video quickly earned around nine million views within a week. DeArius reposted the video on his TikTok account @dmarloww on June 11, amassing more views on the platform.

Netizens were already amused with the way the woman delivered her answer, stressing the spitting sound. People began referring to her as the "spit on that thing" or the "hawk tuah" girl.

The phrase further became a trend after a user made a greenscreen template of the woman from Tim & Dee’s viral video. Other TikTok users soon chimed in and began inserting the template into different everyday scenarios.


One of the memes described a situation:

"When she's too weak to turn a valve and you ask her how'd you get this job anyways?"

The question was then answered by the "Spit on that thing" girl's template. Another setting was about a mother telling her son/ daughter that she was eager to meet their girlfriend:

"My mom: I can’t wait to meet your new girlfriend!"

Again, the "Spit on that thing" template was added as the response.

The woman piqued netizens' curiosity to a great extent, leading them to look for her social media accounts. Several people asked for her Instagram or TikTok ID, however, none could accurately tag the woman.

In search for the woman's identity, many began tagging different people thinking it was her. TikTok creator Elayna Robinson was among the names tagged; however, she posted a video clarifying that she was not the girl from the viral video.

The "hawk tuah" girl's identity, thus, remains undiscovered as of this writing.

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Edited by Amrita Das
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