What did Paula Barbour do? Woman charged for attacking husband over phone images

(image via Charleston Airport/ South Carolina authorities)
The alleged victim denied that the attack had occurred (image via Charleston Airport/ South Carolina authorities)

On December 21, 55-year-old Paula Barbour was arrested for allegedly attacking her husband after she discovered inappropriate pictures on his phone.

As per the New York Post, the incident occurred at Charleston International airport, South Carolina, after the couple had arrived in the state for a vacation. However, before they could leave the airport, Paula Barbour supposedly saw a series of improper photos on her husband's phone, leading to an altercation that eventually escalated into violence.

The incident occurred at approximately 2.50 pm when police confronted the couple. At 6.15 pm, Barbour was arrested on charges of third-degree domestic violence.

Officials have not yet disclosed where the couple flew in from.

Officals respond to the allegations against Paula Barbour

As per an incident report filed by South Carolina authorities, Paula Barbour told officers that she wanted to discontinue the trip.

The incident report read:

“The suspect stated that she just wanted to get away from the victim and fly back home."

The supposed victim, whose name has not yet been revealed, denied having been attacked by his wife. Not only did she admit to authorities that she reacted violently upon seeing the pictures, surveillance cameras also reportedly recorded her kicking her husband, throwing his phone and attempting to slap him in the face.

Violence in American airport terminals and flights

Due to the fact that airports provide potential threats in terms of terrorism and smuggling, the matter of security is particularly sensitive, however cases of violence are not unheard of in terminals or airplanes.

In June of this year, 3 people were injured during an attack at a San Francisco airport, after a suspect assaulted travelers with an edged weapon in the terminal. The alleged assailant, who was arrested by San Francisco authorities, had reportedly carried out the crime due to mental health issues. The attack was not deemed serious, and the victims were treated for minor injuries.

The Washington Post reported that in September, an American Airlines passenger was accused of punching a flight attendant while flying from Los Cabos, Mexico, to Los Angeles.

In an official statement, Julie Hedrick, the national president of the Association of Professional Flight Attendants, condemned the case. He said:

“This violent behavior puts the safety of all passengers and crew in jeopardy and must stop."

As per AXIOS, in 2021, the last year in which complete data was available, the FAA reported 5664 unruly traveler-related incidents.

As reported by the New York Post, Stanford University scholar Paul Marsden stated that the rise in brawls at airports and on planes may be due to the fact that social media spreads videos of such incidents.

He stated that when people see one person take part in an act, others are likely to see it as more socially acceptable.

Fox reported that Paula Barbour was briefly detained at the AI Cannon Detention Center on domestic violence charges before she was released on a $5237 bond.

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